Rasch UK - How to hang "paste the wall" wallpaper

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Wallpapering a feature wall

Decorator for almost 30 years Harry Anstice shows you how to wallpaper a feature wall his way quickly and effectively. Wallpaper provided by Agerup Colosseum. Filmed and edited by Anne Gro Parnemann.

The only pro tips you need to install wallpaper all by yourself

Contractor, Darren Voros shows you the simplest way to install professional looking wall paper with only a few hours time commitment.

How to Wallpaper - how to do the first drop

Dean Taylor Decorator demonstrates how to wallpaper. He shows how to measure, paste and apply that crucial first drop to the wall. He also demonstrates how to cut around a plug socket and ensure the wallpaper does not fray up at the edges. Visit www.deantaylorproperty.co.uk for more information about Dean.

how to wallpaper around a light switch or wall socket nice and neat

how to trim wallpaper around a socket or light switch nice and neat See my specialist range of hand trimmed paint brushes, great for cutting in tasks where precision painting is required i appreciate your support. for sale here https://www.decoratingwarehouse.co.uk/edge-paint-brushes-pure-bristle-paint-brush how to wallpaper around a light or wall socket first turn off the power supply, loosen the screws just enough to allow the wallpaper to tuck behind the socket body, apply a small amount of paste around the socket areaas you will be lifting the paper away to trim, hang the paper over the socket loosley and locate the four corners and mark accurately with a pencil then pierce a hole with your pencil between the four marks, carefully cut to the very edge of your pencil mark then pop the socket through the opening you have created use a plastic vinyl smoother to press the paper flush to the edges of the socket then mark the sides with a pencil a few millimetres onto the socket body trim the four pieces of paper off allowing enough paper over to tuck neatly behind the socket body but without too much paper going into the void, smooth flat the area around the socket with your hanging brush ensuring no air bubbles are present, use a seam roller to flatten together the joints and then screw back the socket securely but not too tight as the paper is still wet, remove all paste residue from the socket with a dry cloth or sponge and you are done. wallpaper supplied by http://www.fashionwallpaper.co.uk/

How to hang wallpaper on paper backing - Pasting the walls

How to hang wallpaper or wallcovering on paper backing by using a new method: pasting the walls instead of the wallpaper. This method is often much easier.

We've put together a handy how to guide, showing how to hang Paste the Wall wallcoverings.

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