The Power of Relationships in Early Childhood Development - SERIES 02

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Dr. Lilian Katz: What Should Children Be Learning? | 92Y Parenting & Family | Dr. Katz was our first presenter during the 2012 Wonderplay Early Childhood Education Conference, and had the audience enthralled by her presentation. She discussed the four principles of structural engineering that line up with principles of a good foundation for educating children. She went on to outline the four questions that any curriculum should answer. An important take away from this lecture was that children always learn, not necessarily what you want them to learn.

The Power of Relationships in Early Childhood Development - SERIES 01

RELATIONSHIPS MATTER: In this series Kadija speaks to parents and providers an understanding of how relationships with young children develop, and why these relationships are so important. Kadija utilizes the transactional model of development to support our understanding of how the child, parent and environment influence each other and ultimately child development.

Dr Wendy Mogel 'Smart empathy: raising resilient children and teenagers' at Young Minds 2013

For more information take a moment to check out our Happy & Well blog and subscribe to our newsletter at - How can we be effective parents and teachers in a culture that breeds anxiety and entitlement in children? - Is our reaction to adolescence more harmful to our kids than the possible dangers they could encounter? - What role does risk play in preparing young people for the post-high school years? - What are the benefits of compassionate detachment? - Why is a sense of humour essential in the classroom and in the home? Dr Wendy Mogel, USA, acclaimed clinical psychologist, parenting expert and bestselling author: The Blessing of a B Minus and The Blessing of a Skinned Knee

Behavior Based Interviewing Skills - SCPD CBA CSULB

Instruction on how to be well prepared for interviews, including what employers ask and why, and how to prepare for your internship or job interview. Student Center for Professional Development Colleges of Business Administration California State University, Long Beach

How to Talk to Your Child: The Best Strategies for Effective Communication

This is a show about how parents can talk to their children. It may seem obvious; however we often shut our children down and end up in a constant loop of saying the same thing over and over. That's not talking, or more importantly, not listening. Our experts help us see how we talk to our kids and how we can do it better. For more from

BEHAVIOR HAS MEANING: During this portion of the series, we will think and learn about how infants and young children communicate through behavior. As infants grow, they become more skilled at communication and begin to express their needs through gestures such as, pointing, looking, and of course through their use of language.

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