Cocos Island: Paradise Found

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Seychelles - Coco island 2017 4K White sand beach, rocks, birds, snorkeling. Сейшелы и остров Коко.

❆✻❅ ✈ 🐠 🐠 🐠 🌴 🌴 🌴 Cocos Islands, also called Ile Aux Cocos, are a group of small islets in the Seychelles archipelago. They can be found 7 km north of La Digue and lies in close proximity to La Digue's other neighbours, Félicité Island and the Sisters Islands. It has been a marine park since 1996 and is a spectacular spot for snorkeling and diving and a popular venue for day excursions from both Praslin and La Digue. No accommodation is offered on this island. Острова Кокосовые острова, которые также называются Иль-о-Кокосом, представляют собой группу небольших островков на архипелаге Сейшельских островов. Они находятся в 7 км к северу от Ла-Диг и находятся в непосредственной близости от других соседей Ла-Диг, острова Фелисите и островов Сестер. Он был морским парком с 1996 года и является прекрасным местом для подводного плавания и дайвинга и популярным местом для дневных экскурсий как из Праслина, так и из Ла-Диг. На этом острове не предлагается длительное проживание.

Evolution In Action: Jellyfish Lake

The ALUCIA’s quest for discovery landed us in the mountainous jungles of Indonesia’s Raja Ampat’s Islands, where inland marine lakes are allowing scientists to unlock mysteries of marine evolution. Watch as the team treks to a hidden lake to observe and sample rare subspecies of jellyfish found nowhere else on the planet. Production Crew: Field Producer/2nd Camera: Ian Kellett Underwater Cinematographer: Ernie Kovacs Topside Cinematographer: Andy Maser Editor: Steve Evans Assistant Editor: Stephanie Crane Supervising Producer: Jennifer Hile Executive Producer: David Hamlin Creative Director: Mark Dalio #RajaAmpat #JellyfishLake #Jellyfish #ScienceExploration #NatureVideography #DiscoverEarth #FilmProduction #NatureFootage

Fernando De Noronha: Listening to Dolphins

One of the most charismatic creatures in the sea, dolphins are incredibly important parts of our ocean ecosystem—yet they are also badly understudied and in increasing need of protection. Join Brazilian scientist Marcos Santos and the ALUCIA team as they dive the waters of Fernando De Noronha to study and track this critical species.

Cocos Island von OBEN!! Isla del Coco from the Air! Peter Löseke 4K

Cocos Island in Spanisch auch „Isla del Coco“ genannt, ist eine unbesiedelte Insel im Pazifischen Ozean und gehört zu Costa Rica.Ein Film von Peter Löseke Es gibt nur wenige Paradiese auf unserem Planeten, die sich auch noch über Jahrzehnte nach ihrer Entdeckung ihre ungezähmte Wildheit bewahren. Cocos Island ist einer dieser Orte. Cocos liegt 500 km vor der Küste Costa Ricas im Pazifik, sie ist an der höchsten Stelle 634 Meter hoch und erstreckt sich über mehr als 9 Kilometer. Die einzigen menschlichen Bewohner der Insel sind die Nationalparkwächter. Ungezählte Wasserfälle, die aus mehreren hundert Metern direkt ins Meer stürzen, zählen ebenso zu den Naturwundern von Cocos Island wie die immense Vielfalt an Seevögeln, die auf dem isolierten Außenposten im Meer ideale Bedingungen für die Aufzucht ihrer Jungen vorfinden. Cocos Island (Isla del Coco) National Park, located 550 km off the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, is the only island in the tropical eastern Pacific with a tropical rainforest. Its position as the first point of contact with the northern equatorial counter-current, and the myriad interactions between the island and the surrounding marine ecosystem, make the area an ideal laboratory for the study of biological processes. The underwater world of the national park has become famous due to the attraction it holds for divers, who rate it as one of the best places in the world to view large pelagic species such as sharks, rays, tuna and dolphins.

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A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Costa Rica’s stunning and biologically-diverse Cocos Island was also the inspiration for Michael Crichton’s Jurassic Park. Join Alucia’s expedition to this global treasure and take an unprecedented aerial look at this incredible island.

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