ARIES | Have Faith In The Unseen! June 2018 Love & General Tarot Reading

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ARIES 🔥💕🔥 JUNE 15-30 2018 Something BIG coming, BE READY! General and Love reading

Aries General Reading Aries Love Reading My readings focus a lot around claircognizance and clairsentience. I feel the emotional blocks, and areas that need healing in order to manifest the desired outcome. I also tend to get messages regarding the steps needed in order to experience breakthrough. I am a telepathic empath, so I can feel the energies surrounding a situation, and the hearts cry for healing. This is extremely valuable in personal readings to identify walls built up due to certain circumstances you have experienced and giving a roadmap to freedom and a higher vibration to facilitate manifesting your desires. Due to this, sometimes the messages are not easy hear as they tend to touch on buried wounds. But all messages are given in love with NO JUDGEMENT...we are all trying our best and sometimes we don't even realize why we have certain patterns due to our experiences and how we have processed pain. For a personal, private reading please contact me at Check out my art and the tarot/oracle decks I am creating on Instagram: FawnandFireIntuitive Personal Readings: Live via phone or video chat $60 for 30 minutes $95 for 60 minutes Video Readings: 20 minutes $45 30 minutes $60 60 minutes $95 Quickie Readings via email: Ask one specific question $25 TWIN FLAME, SOULMATE, LOVE, THIRD PARTY SITUATIONS, ENERGETIC BLOCKS, LIFE DIRECTION

Aries *SEE ONLY LOVE* 😘 End of June

ARIES - You're sooo going to go - June

Please Aries, spare me. As if you were fooling anyone. Of course you're going to do it, of course you're going to go. Like you wouldn't take this chance just for the memories. You're not fooling anyone. Enjoy, live, relish, this is yours. Extended Reading: Private reading here: *For entertainment purposes only

Aries June 25-July 1 2018: Do they truly want to try again?

Hey lovely Aries people. I hope you enjoy this reading. Let me know if it speaks to you 🌷

Aries: Sun, Moon, Rising
June 2018 Love & General Tarot Reading

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