Stacking Cheap Peltier Modules - Lower than -40°C

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How to make Air Conditioner WITHOUT ICE - Simple Homemade Invention

How to make mini Air Conditioner WITHOUT ICE at home Materials with Buy Link: This is a video tutorial on how to make your own mini air conditioner in a simple way, which helps you to cool your body during hot summer days. Hope you like this video! ------------------------------------- *Life Hacks Compilation *DIY homemade Compilation *Amazing tricks Compilation --------------------------------------------- FOLLOW ME! G+: Twitter: Blog: ------------------------------------------------- Song: Elektronomia - Limitless [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Video:

Basics of CUI high-performance Peltier modules

CUI’s line of high-performance Peltier modules for thermal management feature a special construction called arcTEC™ structure that addresses limitations found in conventional thermoelectric module designs. This short video reviews Peltier module technology and explains how the arcTEC structure leads to better thermal management.

Powerful Cooler Box - DIY Peltier Freezer

This is how to make a powerful thermoelectric cooler box. It was able to reach -7°C in just 10 minutes. This is great results as I was only able to reach 0°C in my previous attempt. I love peltier projects, I find them very interesting and if you would like to join me, go ahead and pick up the necessary components here: BIG heatsink: 200W peltier: Fan: Small heatsink: Temperature controller: Hinge STL: The setup is highly inefficient running at 10A. You could save a signifcant amount of power by going nuts with the insulation and therefore take advantage of the temperature controller and use it to turn the peltier on or off at a set temperature. I was using thick 30mm foam, but in order to avoid too big of a mess I later changed to 6mm depron foam. It might not be as good of a insulator, but it is more stiff which might be valuable. My Favourite 3D Printer: Creality CR-10 Golden: Creality CR-10 Blue: Follow Simon Sörensen: Facebook: Instagram: Watch More RCLifeOn: More 3D printing: DIY projects: 3D-printer reviews: Everything radio controlled:

What is a schottky diode?

A tutorial covering the advantages and disadvantages of schottky diodes over regular silicon diodes. 200 diodes for $8 on Amazon: Webpage: Twitter: Facebook:

How To ● Convert T8 Fluorescent Lights to LED ● Explained in Simple Terms

Getting rid of the ballast and the T8 fluorescent bulbs that burn out and retrofitting and converting to LED was the best thing I have done. It was easy and the LED light is fantastic! Before doing this project, switching over and converting to LED was confusing because I didn't know what was actually happening when you retrofit from T8 fluorescent to LED lights. I watched a bunch of videos but none of them described what was actually happening with the circuits. They just cut a bunch of wires without explaining clearly. I made this video on how to convert and retrofitting to T8 LED's in the hopes that others could understand what and why and how. Converting and retrofitting to LED lights is not that hard to do yourself once you understand what is happening. ● 4100K ● 5000K ● NON-SHUNTED LAMP HOLDERS ● FROM 1000BULBS.COM 4100k LBP8F2541B ● FROM 1000BULBS.COM 5000k LBP8F2550B ● DRILL BITS ● MILWAUKEE 12V DRILL ● MY CANON CAMERA ● MY RODE MICROPHONE ● MY GOPRO CAMERA MUSIC Same Old Shit by Mulle @mulleofficial Music provided by Free Music for Vlogs

Cooling with peltier modules.
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