snow chains - next generation (part one)

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Cars slip and slide down icy hill - Charleston, WV - February 27, 2008

Cars have trouble negotiating a steep hill in Charleston, WV. An SUV slides into a shallow ditch and has a difficult time getting out, even with four-wheel drive. Wheels lock and slide on the slick road. Stock footage catalog #HD-WVW-022708A Copyright Dan Robinson. See:

10 Most Amazing Snow Chain Alternatives For THIS WINTER

10 Most Amazing Snow Chain Alternatives - Snow Straps, Skid Chains, Snow Sock --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subscribe! : --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Social Media: Facebook: Twitter : Google + : --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For Copyright issues, please contact with me ; --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Links : - AutoSock tyre snow socks for cars vans and trucks : - ZipGripGo : - MICHELIN EASY GRIP : - Shark Industries Snow Socks : - MITA Tire Chain : - Spikes Spider : - Car Snow Tire Anti-skid Chains White Chains For Family Car : - A new belt type snow chain, Silent Spike : --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Music Includes : - Kevin MacLeod - - - NCS / YouTube - YouTube AudioLibrary Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Numerous Icy slides and Spinouts Caught on Tape - Charleston, WV, March 8, 2008

** No one was hurt in any of these incidents. ** Learn more about driving on icy roads at: This footage has aired in many national and local television programming. Numerous slides and spinouts on an icy Interstate 64 bridge are caught on camera. Other cars spin out close to tractor-trailers. Footage includes ground-level aftermath shots (no one was hurt). Stock footage catalog #HD-WVX-030808A Copyright Dan Robinson.

Moab - Devils Highway Hot Tub - AJ - Rhino

Oct 2010 - AJ from Salt Lake an friends - 50 degrees - overnight rain - oily water

German Welding Technology - Discover Heavy Weight Manufacture | Technology Connections

Watch this video if you are interested in Welding technology. The video is about German Welding Technology - Discover Heavy Weight Manufacture | Technology Connections. There are tons of different welding methods, and more are being invented all the time. Some methods use heat to essentially melt two pieces of metal together, often adding a "filler metal" into the joint to act as a binding agent. Other methods rely on pressure to bind metal together, and still others use a combination of both heat and pressure. Unlike soldering and brazing, where the metal pieces being joined remain unaltered, the process of welding always changes the work pieces. This may seem like a trivial point, but it's actually critical to understanding why welding produces such strong bonds. In the processes of soldering and brazing, two pieces of metal are joined by introducing a third material (with a lower melting point) into the mix. Melting this third material between the surfaces of the original pieces binds the pieces together. The bond, however, is only as strong as the joining material. Welding, on the other hand, cuts out the middleman and joins the original pieces directly to each other. The result is a strong, cohesive bond that's often as strong as the material itself. technology information technology in education technology future fabrication vulcan welder

Universal snow chains, fits to all tire sizes, for all vehicles, trucks, cars, motorbikes.
Excellent performances, improves grip and braking on ice.
No vibrations on steering wheel.

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