Aluminium Gutter Repair - Stop Leaky Guttering

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Repair gutter leak on house roof, fix with Parbond penetrating sealant by Parr

Parbond is a synthetic rubber penetrating sealant designed for sealing small joints or gaps between metal, glass, masonry and wood. See videos at It is resistant to sunlight and temperature variations. It will seal small joints and cracks up to 1/4", and still remain flexible. It is versatile, has moderate elongation or compression and dries quickly. Parbond provides weather protection and moisture resistance at various temperatures through evaporation of solvent to temperature extremes of -20°F to 180°F, water, water vapor and air pressure. Parbond can be used within the opening or as a surface coating over very fine cracks. Typical applications are: miter joints in window or door frames, needle glazing, top dressing over non-dry sealants to avoid dirt pick up. It can be a sealant for rain gutters and downspouts, around automotive windshields and back lights, and for sealing of sinks, tile and ducts in kitchens, galleys, and bathrooms.

How to Repair a Leaky Gutter (Easy)

Leaky gutters are easy to repair. Leak Stopper Rubber Flexx has a great 2 part system with Waterproof Tape and Liquid Coating. Video sponsored by Gardner-Gibson company. I was pleased with how easily this product can be installed and that having both the tape and liquid coating provides two layers of waterproof protection. The liquid coating is available in clear, white, or grey colors to easily match most gutters. Amazon USA: (affiliate link) Rubber Flexx Website: Always remember - be safe. TomahawkDIY is not responsible for decisions you make The waterproof tape and liquid coating work together in a two part system for best results. The waterproof tape is just that - a super sticky waterproof tape that sticks to just about anything. Once it's installed, the liquid coating can be brushed on top as a second layer of waterproof protection. This product can also be used on many different surfaces. .257

Trying To Solve A Flooding Problem In My Yard

A couple weeks back we had some serious rain and my backyard flooded. All that water made it's way into my workshop and it was a pretty bad day. In this video I try to solve the problem by draining the stormwater down a PVC pipe to a soaking pit at the far corner of the yard. This should allow the water to pool but being 8 meters away from the shop it won't do any damage. Official Website Follow me on Instagram Find me on Facebook: Interested in seeing more? I have a second channel: Thanks for watching #howto #drainage #stormwater

How to Kill a Wasps Nest - Low Cost & Fast This video deals with how to kill a wasps nest in a fast, safe sensible manner. Before tackling a wasps nest make sure you know that it is regular wasps and not another more dangerous species. The website link above lists what I think are the best commonly available wasp killers, as well as a home made free version. If you think this task is too difficult or dangerous always bring in professional help, the common cost of which is also on the website. Endcard links... Website link : YouTube channel : Subscribe :

Atlantic Drain ~ Howto Install DRIP STRIP ~ directing water from shingles into the gutter

Atlantic Drain ~ Do you have water running behind the gutter? You NEED drip strip! it will stop water from going between the facia board and back side of the gutter. This is a MAJOR CAUSE of wet basement walls. Installing drip strip is easy - once you know how ~ in this video we troubleshoot / demonstrate how the water goes from the roof line shingles dropping the vast majority of the water behind the gutter then, how to resolve problem by installing DRIP STRIP. Watch all of our Howto Videos!!! we do it right the first time!!! ATLANTIC DRAIN ~ Complete rainwater drainage systems

This video takes a look at how to repair aluminium guttering to a good standard that should last many years. Often aluminum guttering will start to leak from a joint, corner, or stop end after about 10 years. Especially if holding standing water.

Thumbing more mastic over the stop of the original built up sealant can fail early, as can a simple paint on solution. This aluminum gutter repair has worked well for me over the years, and one tube of gutter sealant and a roll of scrim will repair many, many gutter leaks.

If your are in the UK all the product links and other guttering repairs can be found on my website here :

For those in the USA or elsewhere try a good quality gutter sealant like this one : (affiliate)

Hope this helps.

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