My adventure in Paris shops. Interesting and simple clothes by French designers.

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DIY: How to make a dress without a pattern. Sewing a dress with dolman sleeves.

I show you a lot of different techniques and designs. Today we are going to make a dress with one-piece sleeves. The dress will be made of jersey fabric. Natalie will help me today. First we will show you how to take measurements. After that we’ll show you the sketch once again. The 1st measurement is the bust. Me bust measurement is 118cm, so I write down that ½ bust is There will be seams both on the center back and the center front. The bottom will be overcast. The neckline will be edged with the bias binding. Bust, waist, hips, back width, back length, item length, sleeve length, sleeve circumference - these are the only measurements we need. I’m not going to make a pattern of tracing paper. I’ll be drawing right on fabric. The length of my item is 105cm. You can make it as long as you want. I’ll show you how to draw a dress on fabric, how to mark the measurements and how to draw sleeves. I will also show you what is different in the back and the front. I want to make a dress with ¾ sleeves. You can make a dress with long sleeves. What should you do if you have a tight waist? Draw a side seam the way I did, and then make a waist tuck. If you draw a round side seam, you won’t be able to make a dress fit you. The only things we need to change in the front are the neckline and the shoulder. Learn to sew using this technique. It’s very convenient. The technique doesn’t depend on a body. It’s the same for all bodies. My body is perfectly square, and so is my pattern. You can see that the piece of fabric I’m using is bigger than needed to make a dress. Remember that we will need to cut a bias binding. You can make a neckline as deep as you want. Everything is so simple. I think that it will take you about 10-15 minutes to make such dress. Do not forget to make notches on the waistline. I decided to make this seam just because I like seams on the center front. You don’t necessarily have to make it. Now you know how to make such an amazing dress fast and easy. You can make it wider or more close fitting. This is a very comfortable casual dress. I can wear it to work. Such dresses are very convenient. Be different and beautiful. My name is Paukshte Irina. Guys, please, subscribe to my channel, write comments, share videos and press the “like” and “bell” buttons! I really need your support! Thank you!

Paris Souvenir Shopping

Come visit a classic tourist shop near Notre Dame in Paris.

8 Surprisingly CHEAP things in France!

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HUGE FALL THRIFT HAUL 2018 | Come Thrifting With Me + Try On

#fallthrifting #fallhaul #comethriftwithme ☛ Shop our depop: ☛ Follow us on Instagram: ☛ Business Inquiries: ☛ P.O. Box 100 Corona, Ca 92878 Hello. We apologize for the bad audio. This Savers was very loud. :/ Hope you still enjoyed it because we're so proud of all our finds, hehe. Love you! xo, Bao & Sheng ☻ EQUIPMENTS WE USE ╰Canon EOS 5d Mark III ╰Canon EF 50mm f/1.2 L USM Lens for Canon Digital SLR Cameras – Fixed ╰Canon EF 24-70MM F/2.8L II USM Standard Zoom Lens ╰Canon PowerShot Digital Camera G7x ╰Sony Vegas Pro ♫ Disclaimer: This video is not sponsored. Some links above are affiliated which means we can earn some commission. You don't have to use these links, but if you do, it would really help our channel! :)

متحف اللوفر باريس، فرنسا Louvre Museum Paris, France

متحف اللوفر باريس، فرنسا Louvre Museum Paris, France

There are a lot of amazing shops in Paris. I liked one so much that I’ve decided to show it to you.
I’m going to show you different clothes, then I’ll buy a couple of them, and you can write if you agree with my choice in comments.
What is also very important is that the clothes in this shop are of pretty simple design, so we can make such ones ourselves.
Most of them are made just of 2 simple square piece of fabric stitched together and decorated.
I know what I’m going to buy, but I want you to have a look at different clothes presented in this shop.
I love Paris, I love fashion, and I love you my dear subscribers!
What do you think of the items I showed you today?
Be different and beautiful.
My name is Paukshte Irina.
Guys, please, subscribe to my channel, write comments, share videos and press the “like” and “bell” buttons!
I really need your support!
Thank you!

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