Jean Piaget Theory of Cognitive Development by Sanjeev Sir HTET, CTET, TET, DSSSB, REET, UGC NET

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जीन पियाजे का संज्ञानात्‍मक विकास का सिद्धान्‍त l Jean Piaget theory...

प्याज़े (Jean Piaget ; 9 अगस्त, 1896 – 16 सितम्बर, 1980) स्विटजरलैण्ड के एक चिकित्सा मनोविज्ञानी थे जो बाल विकास पर किये गये अपने कार्यों के कारण प्रसिद्ध हैं। पियाजे, विकासात्मक मनोविज्ञान के क्षेत्र में एक बड़ी हस्ती हैं। अनेक पांडित्यपूर्ण अवधारणाओं के लिए हम पियाजे के ऋणी हैं जिनमें आज भी टिके रहने की क्षमता और आकर्षण है, जैसे समायोजन/आत्मसातकरण (Assimilation), अनुकूलन वस्तु स्थायित्व (object permanence), आत्मकेंन्द्रीकरण (Egocentrism), संरक्षण (conservation), तथा परिकाल्पनिक-निगमित सोच (Hypothetico-deductive reasoning)। बच्चों के सक्रिय, रचनात्मक विचारक होने की वर्तमान दृष्टि के लिए भी हम, विलियम जेम्स तथा जॉन डुई के साथ-साथ, पियाजे के ऋणी हैं। आशा करता हु की आपको यह video पसंद आएगा और आप सब अपना सहयोग gk संसार को subscribe कर के देंगे l CTET,BTET,UPTET,MPTET,HTET,REET,PTET,APTET,UTET,ALL TET BAAL VIKAS/बाल बिकास PSYCHOLOGY/मनोविज्ञान शिक्षा मनोविज्ञान Latest news and updates links Awards gk tricks Gk tricks child development and pedagogy

Jean Piaget 's Theories ! Cognitive Development ! Ctet Htet etc exams

Piaget theory of cognitive development

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Piaget's Theory of Cognitive Development

Piaget's theory argues that we have to conquer 4 stages of cognitive development: 1. Sensori-Motor Stage 2. Pre-Operational Stage 3. Concrete Operational Stage 4. Formal Operational Stage Only once we have gone through all the stages, at what age can vary, we are able to reach full human intelligence. Special thanks for our patroeon supporters: Ville Medeiros, Chutimon Nuangnit, Cedric Wang, Mike, Eva Marie Koblin, Julien Dumesnil, Mathis and the others. You are amazing !!! Join our supporters and help us reach students and teachers worldwide with friendly videos that explain difficult tings simply. Subscribe to our channel, write a comment or support us as a Patron: Sources: Full Script:

Vygotsky's Socio-Cultural Development Theory | for CTET/KVS/HTET/UP-Teachers exam - 2018

In this video, We have discussed Lev Vygotsky's(A social Constructivist) theory of socio-cultural Learning & Development along with some important terms such as ZPD(Zone of Proximodistal Development), MKO(More Knowledgeable Other), Scaffolding and the concept of Language and Development, types of speech according to Vygotsky i.e Social Speech(age-2), Private Speech(age-3),Silent inner speech(age-7) with the educational implication of Vygotsky's theory of socio-cultural Development of a Child. Psychology Theories Playlist: Books for CTET/KVS/HTET/UP-TET/UTET: 1. Saroha Publication EVS Book: 2. CTET English Pedagogy Book: 3. R.Gupta Practice Set: 4. Pearson Publication CDP: OUR FACEBOOK PAGE: Let's LEARN on Telegram: 9599161025 Instagram: #VygotskyTheory_CDP_CTET2018_KVS2018

Jean Piaget Stages of cognitive development 100% question in HTET 2017 pavitracademy
Jean Piaget Theory of Cognitive Development by Sanjeev Sir HTET, CTET, TET, DSSSB, REET, UGC NET

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