How to Repair a Dead Jio Set Top Box Easily at Home

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Set Top Box Repair Guide / Dead Set Top Box Power Supply Repair 2017

Is Video Me Aap Dekhenge Dead Set Top Box Smps Power Supply Ko Kaise Repair Karte Hai, Maine Gtpl Cable Set Top Box Ko Repair Karke Dikhaya. Iske Saath Saath Aap Jan Payenge Rectifire Diode Kaise Work Karte Hai. Diode Ka Anod Aur Cathod Ka Pin Konsa Hai. Aur Diode Ko Multimiter Se Kaise Check Karte Hai. Aur Multimiter Ke Jariye Voltage Kaise Check Karte Hai. Ye Bhi Aap Janenge. Please Donate Here :~ Paytm UPI ID - sekhar089@paytm PayPal - -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Bangabandhu 1 Satelite Launch / New Channel Comming Soon 2018" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

अभी अभी: jio DTH Launched हुआ मिलेगा free ये विडियो आपको कर देगा दंग | jio dth...

अभी अभी: jio DTH Launched हुआ मिलेगा free ये विडियो आपको कर देगा दंग | jio dth free

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Capacitor replacement when a pool motor is humming or tripping the breaker. In this video I hope to save you hundreds of dollars that you may be thinking you need to spend on a new motor. It is quite common that a capacitor loses its ‘juice’. When this happens, a LOUD humming noise, followed by the motor shutting off occurs, (sometimes the breaker will also ‘trip’, but not always). There are times when you may not be aware of the capacitor failing until the pool gets cloudy, or algae appear. Many people are not home to hear their motor fire up, thus the capacitor could be completely dead before you realize it. Following are a few clues to know if the problem could be the capacitor. ---TROUBLESHOOTING AND TIPS--- Upon starting, if the motor makes a LOUD screech or hum…then shuts off, it is most likely the capacitor. It could also mean the shaft is frozen and won’t turn. (That’s a whole different issue which we won’t deal with here.) ALWAYS FLIP THE BREAKER OFF BEFORE ATTEMPTING ELECTRICAL WORK If your motor is completely dead, it could still be the capacitor. If you’re gone at the time your motor is scheduled to turn on, you may not have noticed it hasn’t been running. After a few days or a week of trying to start, the capacitor runs out of charge. I suggest to my clients to start the motor at a time when they are home, i.e., thirty minutes before leaving for work. The charge of a capacitor is measured in microferrins (It will either say MFD or look like a uF after a number). For instance, 30uF, 35uF, 50uF, etc. This is the number you want to match up with your existing one. You will also see 370VAC 50/60 Hz…ignore that. The number you want is the one before the uF or MFD. In my opinion, it is not worth the cost to buy a Capacitor Tester unless you’re in the business. But if you want one, I have supplied a link for purchasing. The easiest and less costly way is to remove the capacitor and bring it into a local pool store (such as LESLIES) or motor repair shop. Watch my video. One thing to pay attention to is when you are eliminating the ‘charge’ by placing a screwdriver across the terminals, please use an insulated handle. And don’t touch the metal part of the screwdriver. (Unlike me) If after changing the capacitor the motor still doesn’t run, be sure ALL breakers are on. Always push the breaker into the OFF position really hard, then to ON. Don’t ask me why…just the way some are. Check that the wires are connected securely in the back of the motor; your time clock is working; a fuse isn’t burnt out; or a relay isn’t stuck in the OFF position. If all else fails, best to call a knowledgeable repair person or bring the motor into a shop. If these videos have helped you save money & time and you would like to donate you can do so on my website through the DONATE button. - DONATE HERE Find me on: Facebook: Google +

In this video i will show you to repair a fully dead Jio Set top box.

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