How to Repair a Leaking Gutter

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Aluminium Gutter Repair - Stop Leaky Guttering

This video takes a look at how to repair aluminium guttering to a good standard that should last many years. Often aluminum guttering will start to leak from a joint, corner, or stop end after about 10 years. Especially if holding standing water. Thumbing more mastic over the stop of the original built up sealant can fail early, as can a simple paint on solution. This aluminum gutter repair has worked well for me over the years, and one tube of gutter sealant and a roll of scrim will repair many, many gutter leaks. If your are in the UK all the product links and other guttering repairs can be found on my website here : For those in the USA or elsewhere try a good quality gutter sealant like this one : (affiliate) Hope this helps. Subscribe here :

Toronto Downspout Disconnect Instructional Video

We put this together for those who are handy and can disconnect their downpipes from the Toronto sewer system. Link to our blog for more helpful info on disconnecting your pipes and some helpful links: We do not usually come to homes for services this small in nature but want to be of service via a video. This is because we can see the city wide benefits in water quality if we all disconnect our downpipes. If we all make a few small changes it can add up to some big results. If you would like a free estimate on replacing your eavestrough system and optimizing so that maximum water is contained on your property call us, North Shore Eavestroughing at 416 615 0443.

Flex Seal Liquid review

This time I'm taking a look at Flex Seal liquid. Buy it here Royalty Free Music by Mystery video Special music credit to Ghost'n'Ghost - The Adventure Ghost'n'Ghost Argofox gaming channel Facebook page

How to install a plastic guttering system - OSMA Rainwater

This video gives an overview of installing a plastic guttering system, from safety removing the existing one (if replacing), to planning and installing the new one – achieving the correct fall, correctly spacing brackets, allowing for expansion, ensuring a secure fixing, etc.

Woodie's will show you how to repair a leaking gutter. This is handy to know as continued overspill can damage the connected wall of your house.

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