Using a coca cola bottle to grow bean sprouts at home - Amazing life hack!

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How to grow mung bean sprouts (Sukju-namul: 숙주나물)

I'm showing you how to grow 5 pounds of mung bean sprouts with 1½ cup of dried mung beans! Exciting! Full recipe: My cookbook:


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Using a coca cola bottle to grow bean sprouts at home - Amazing life hack!

*Using a Milk carton to grow bean sprouts at home:

How to grow bean sprouts in a plastic bottle simply and quickly:
Bean sprouts have a lot of uses for human health. However, bean sprouts on the market are often soaked the very dirty and toxic drugs. Therefore, many people grow the own bean sprouts to ensure safety for the whole family. Moreover, growing own bean sprouts at home is very interesting, you can consider it as a game of relaxation and entertainment after the stressful office work.

Today, the SRC will guide you how to grow bean sprouts in a plastic bottle simply and quickly. Let you take advantage of the used a plastic bottle to obtain the safest and most nutrient-rich bean sprouts. It doesn’t take you too much effort to prepare that means every day you need just spend about five minutes, after 3 days, you will get your own delicious bean sprouts dish.

-100 gr bean (green beans, black beans or soybeans)
-Clean water
-A 1.5-liter plastic bottle (Coca-cola or Pepsi bottle)
-A cup
-Sharp probe (nail, screwdriver)

बीन स्प्राउट्स, 콩나물기르기, 豆の芽を, ถั่วงอก, 豆芽

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