His Voice Is So Emotional That Even Simon Started To Cry!

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Top 10 performance Shocked coaches in The voice Audition 2018 l BEST MOMENTS EVER

Понравилось видео?? Не забудь про лайк и подпишись на канал! Names Contestants AND Songs: 1. Harrison Craig: "Broken Vow" 2. Ivan Stoyanov: "Mercy" 3. Naranchimeg.A: "Piece by Piece" 4. Kimberly: "Hello" 5. Mitko Alexiev: "Ako Edna Zvezda Si Ti" 6. Ricardo Mestre: "I will always love you" 7. Lauren: "Lean On" 8. Leah Patricio: "I Will Always Love You" 9. Fernando Daniel: "Dancing on my own" 10. Tanya Diaz: "What About Love" BEST MOMENTS EVER Группа ВК - https://vk.com/bmeofficial ШОУ ГОЛОС ТОП 10 | ЛУЧШИЕ Выступления ПРОЕКТА | СЛЕПЫЕ Прослушивания 2018 Top 10 performance Shocked coaches in The voice Audition 2018 l BEST MOMENTS EVER ГОЛОС лучшие выступления за всю историю!Судьи в шоке от Голоса! The voice best auditions ever!!!YOU MUST TO SEE!!! Would be nice if you SUBSCRIBE :)

The Voice,XFactor,Talent Great First Audition. jazz,soul,blues,r&b

jazz,soul,blues,r&b 1. Beatrice Verzier 2. Chiara Ruggeri 3. Glory Bosnjak 4. Rebecca Ferguson 5. Nicole Bernegger 6. Ferry de Ruiter 7. Freschta Akbarzada 8. Джулианна Стрейнджлав 9. Joelle Moses 10 Alice Fredenham 11 Tina Kuznetsova 12 Angelina Jordan 13 Stacey Solomon 14 Anna Graceman 15 Karis Thomas 16 Charley Ann Schmutzler 17 Angel Tupai 18 Karise Eden 19 Jazzlyn Little 20 Carly Rose 21 Will G

Maid of Honor sings and dances to Michael Jackson's Thriller - Wait or fast forward to the END!

Hard work pays off! Emotions got the best of me and my speech turned out longer than planned but hey, it happens! I am no professional singer or dancer but I enjoyed creating my speech and surprise song and dance for my sister Jackie and my Brother-in-Law Tim. Congratulations on your marriage! Love you guys so much! And THANK YOU to my family and friends who helped me with this epic moment!

Amazing Venice Beach Homeless Girl on Guitar "Voices in the Sand"

Fast Forward up to Sunny playing guitar at 8:57. www.williamoconnell.net/www.musicpowerny.com Professor William O'Connell, Jane Lackner and Dominick Castaldo own the rights to this film. NOTE: WE ARE NOT HERE TO SAVE THE WORLD--WE DID THIS PIECE TO LET SUNNY BE HEARD. SHE DOES WHAT SHE WANTS TO DO AND WE ARE THANKFUL SHE ALLOWED US TO CAPTURE HER TRUTH--SHE DEMONSTRATES WHAT THE HUMAN SPIRIT IS ALL ABOUT BEING FREE. SHE IS NOT ON DRUGS. SHE WANTED HER VOICE HEARD BY CHOICE--NO ONE WAS FORCED TO SPEAK TO US. FOR ALL THE ASSHOLE HATERS OUT THERE--LOOK IN THE MIRROR AND PITY YOURSELF BECAUSE WE WON'T PITY YOU. IF THAT IS TOO MUCH FOR YOU TO UNDERSTAND YOU WILL COME ACROSS AS IGNORANT AS THOSE WHO JUDGE THE HOMELESS IN A SOCIETY WHERE MOST PEOPLE LIVE PAYCHECK TO PAYCHECK ONLY TO HAVE THE NERVE TO JUDGE THE HOMELESS WITH LITTLE INFORMATION OTHER THAN A STEREOTYPE. This is raw unedited footage.Only a small piece of this will be used in the film as there are other incredible stories in the hour long piece. THE final piece will be just 5 minutes. Professor O'CONNELL's groundbreaking work on THE PLIGHT OF American Homelessness brought him international attention through the great Russell Brand. O'Connell has been studying homelessness since 2006. He has 80 hours of films with the homeless. Check out Professor O'Connell/Jane Lackner and Dominick/Iris Castaldo's AMAZING WORK: www.williamoconnell.net Patrick and Sunny from "Voices in the Sand--America the Free" THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR VIEWING--BE IT POSITIVE OR NEGATIVE--IT IS COMMUNICATION AT ITS BEST. This is in production and soon to be released Summer 2013. Professor of Communication, William "Bo"O'Connell, Lulu Press Worldwide Best selling author of Homeless in Paradise (Used by Actor Russell Brand for his upcoming documentary "Russell's Happy Project") making a difference in getting these voices out there to the public. Since 2006 Professor O'Connell and Jane Lackner have worked in LA with the homeless. O'Connell, a former TV News Reporter set the goal to show America that the stereotype of homelessness or Home Free is not always perceived accurately one individual at a time. professor O'Connell is also the co-owner of Music Power NY with USA World Champion Swimmer Greg Jagenburg. www.musicpowerny.com Filmed on location: Venice Beach, CA A Walk of Fame & William O'Connell Production www.williamoconnell.net MUSIC: Fool to Cry Rolling Stones Camera Work Dominick Castaldo Produced and Edited By William O'Connell and Jane Lackner Security Curtis K. Cruz

Top 5 Best The Voice Auditions International

Subscribe for more! Some of the best The Voice moments from all arround the world. 1. Jordan Smith - Chandelier from The Voice U.S.A 2. Monique Abbadie - Loca from The Voice U.S.A 3. Christina Grimmie - Wrecking Ball from The Voice U.S.A 4. Charles Kablan - Hello from The voice Italy 5. Oriana Olarte - All of me from The Voice Kids Colombia

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His Voice Is So Emotional That Even Simon Started To Cry!

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