Running The Manual Audit Checks

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Adwords Ads Extensions Tutorial 2017

Learn how to use Adwords Ad Extensions & Reports on live project case study by

How To Run Your First Website Audit

In just a few minutes this video walkthrough will show you how to run your first website audit using the in app audit feature on

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My Web Audit Review by Christina Hawkins

A great lead generation tool with a 40% conversion rate! It's tough to beat that. I’ve used several auditing tools. They were always missing something. My Web Audit has helped me to fill that gap. It allows me to quickly generate a compelling but easy to understand website audit in just a couple of minutes. It a great way of sharing my knowledge and skills with my customers in a way they will understand it.

Import leads using Google search and My Web Audit Chrome extension

All the points you see on this page require manual validation by you. You can do so by checking the boxes on this screen or by using our Chrome extension.

Most of the audit process runs automatically, but the items on this page and our Chrome extension require your manual review.

Do not check a box unless you have manually verified that the website passed the point

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