Paul Lynde Hollywood Squares

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Dumb Family Feud Family

"Name an animal with three letters in its name." "Alligator." RIP Richard Dawson.

Rodney Dangerfield - The Tonight Show

Paul Lynde & Hollywood Squares: BEST-1-LINERS Part 2

Condensed excerpts of Paul Lynde's F-U-N-N-Y ZINGERS and a few of his QUALITY Q&A's...

Foster Brooks Roasts Sammy Davis Jr PopModal Video

Carol Burnett Show outtakes - Tim Conway's Elephant Story

Tim Conway destroys his castmates during a "Mama's Family" sketch on the "Carol Burnett Show" by refusing to let the scene continue until he can finish a story about a circus elephant. Unedited!

Compilation of Paul Lynde clips from the original Hollywood Squares

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