Top 10 Signs of Aliens and Alien Life Caught on Camera

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There are some alien sightings and encounters with alien life forms that have mysteriously been caught on camera and caught on tape. From mysterious extraterrestrial UFO sightings to people on camera with proof, here are 10 signs of aliens.
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Be Amazed at these 10 top signs of aliens and alien life! Turkish UFO Incidents - One of the most credible recordings of potential alien life occurred over the Sea of Marmara in Kumburgaz, Turkey during a wave of UFO sightings from 2007 - 2009. The letters in U.F.O. stand for “Unidentified Flying Object.” Sometimes the object is eventually identified. In some cases such as this one, there’s no explanation. “Skinny Bob” - “Skinny Bob” is a video that first appeared on the Internet in May of 2011. Versions of it have proliferated throughout YouTube, with many hyping it as “WikiLeaks” alien footage, but the original version was uploaded in 2011 by an anonymous source claiming it to be leaked footage filmed by the KGB in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Lockheed Martin Senior Scientist's Deathbed Confession - Perhaps the most stunning and credible evidence of aliens and alien life caught on camera, is the recorded deathbed confession in 2014 of a well-respected, highly credentialed Lockheed Martin senior scientist who had spent time working at Area 51. Mars Curiosity Rover Spots Spacecraft - In March of 2017, Nasa’s Curiosity rover snapped a remarkable photo of a mysterious and clearly artificial, metallic object on the surface of Mars, which drove theorists wild with speculation as to the object’s nature and origins. Hillary Clinton Says She'd Open Up E.T. Files as President - One of the most interesting and compelling cases for the existence of alien life caught on camera is not footage of an alien craft or life form itself, but multiple interviews in the last U.S. presidential election in which Former U.S Senator, Secretary of State, and First Lady Hillary Clinton says she would open up the E.T. files to the American people if elected president.

The 1989 Belgian UFO Wave - The 1989 Belgian UFO wave is remarkable for the sheer number of witnesses, the spectacular video footage of these events, and the bone chilling reports of two Belgian Air Force pilots who tried to lock on to the UFO’s with their F-16s’ telemetry. The 1950 McMinnville UFO Photos - One of the most enduring evidences of alien life caught on camera was the 1950 UFO photos taking by a farmer and his wife in McMinnville, Oregon in 1950. The Phoenix Lights 1997 - Like the Belgian Wave and Turkish UFO incidents, the Phoenix Lights was another well-attested mass UFO sighting with plenty of eerie video footage showing unexplained flying objects over the Sonoran desert in Phoenix, Arizona and Mexico in March of 1997. Mexico City 2009 UFO Videos - There have been several UFO sightings and camera footage captured of UFOs over Mexico City throughout the years, but what’s remarkable about the May 2009 incident, is that two different men made separate quality video recordings of the UFO phenomenon from different angles in two separate locations.The Real Men in Black - Starting in the 1950s people who claim to have had contact with alien life have reported mysterious and terrifying encounters with the “Men in Black.” They are dark-clothed men who supposedly visit people who have reported an encounter with a UFO or an alien in order to prevent them publicizing it.

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