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What's the best vacuum cleaner? Is it a Sebo, Riccar, Miele, Dyson? Hi everybody, Steve Cain here from Steve Cain's All Vacuum Center. Today we are going to discuss what's the best vacuum cleaner? It's the question we asked all the time. In 38 years that's the one I get asked the most. The best vacuum cleaner is depended upon your cleaning needs are truly. Do you have carpet and floors? Do you have steps? Do you have all hard surface flooring? Do you have pets? Allergies? Those types of things need to figure in on your in on your decision but I can tell you this in today's world best vacuum cleaners made, are made in Germany. That is the brands Miele and Sebo they are without doubt the overall best vacuum cleaners and customer reviews prove that out. In the upright vacuum cleaners, Miele and Sebo both make their tremendous uprights in the difference being you know there's multiple ways you can now use a vacuum cleaner and all can't come down to your own personal preference. How do you like the way one works? One feels better than the other? It's all about getting it in your hand testing and that's why we have the big showroom that we do. So you can run it. They both make excellent canisters too as you can see here. We had to Sebo canister as well as the Miele, unique canister again they are the most powerful vacuum cleaners in the industry and the best built. I'll talk about a couple other best though if you don't like the idea you want as a buying you know outside the US that's fine too. You can get a really, really good American-made vacuum cleaner and that's the Riccar, and that's this model over here. This is the Riccar Radiance. Two motor vacuum cleaner system that is made very well in Saint James, Missouri just outside Saint Louis. And they are the best American-made vacuum cleaner my opinion. It'll do your floors, it'll do your carpets. It has the attachments like all of these do. Kinda depends what you want to be comfortable with buying and where it comes from. Now let's talk about bagless, there's only one bagless as machine in my opinion that's worth buying and that's a Dyson. This is the Dyson, the brand new DC 65 Upright. It's the Animal Ball. They make the best bagless vacuum cleaner. We tell everybody that walks in our store and says I want something bagless. As a matter fact, we won't even sell another brand a bagless vacuum cleaner. There's no sense in buying it Dirt Devil, or Bissell or Hoover bagless. You're kind of just renting that vacuum cleaner for a little over a year and you can buy it again. So if you got to have bagless you wanna Dyson. One question I was get asked though is a Dyson better than the other ones that I just recommended? The answer to that is no. It's the best bagless machine but when it comes to overall cleaning ability, durability, serviceability, it doesn't rank very close again in my opinion to Miele and Sebo and Riccar so you can go with the best vacuum cleaner overall. It's going to be German-made, the best American vacuum Riccar. The best bagless vacuum cleaner, made in Malaysia by the way, that's the Dyson. That's the best vacuum cleaners. Your cleaning needs dictate which one you should get. Come on in to Steve Cain's All Vacuum Center. We'll put your hand and let you try it out, and we'll go from there. Are you looking for a new vacuum cleaner and advice on what's best for your flooring? Shop online at Steve Cain's All Vacuum Center. Free shipping on any order over $60 Vacuums from Miele & Sebo. Bags and Filters as well CLICK HERE

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these are both really great machines and both are running like new and if any body knows what you used for your Kirby to polish your Kirby so I can do mine thank you and try to make more videos and please subscribe

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This video explains how vacuums work, and why some vacuums perform better than others. We carry all brands discussed in this video, and we are not trying to persuade anyone against any particular brand. We are simply interested in getting you the best vacuum for your needs.


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