Very Creative & Simple Kolam / rangoli Design without using Dots || maitrin 2018

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Easy rangoli design with 6X6 dots simple lotus rangoli kolam muggulu with dots rangoli beginners

Easy rangoli design with 6X6 dots simple lotus rangoli kolam muggulu with dots rangoli beginners

குட்டி குட்டி கோலங்கள் Part-2 | தினசரி கோலம் | 5 புள்ளி கோலம | rango...

குட்டி குட்டி கோலங்கள் Part-2 | தினசரி கோலம் | 5 புள்ளி கோலம | rangoli Kolam Muggulu 713 Kolam or muggu or muggulu or Rangoli is an ancient art form of India which is very popular. Kolam (muggulu) is also called as Rangoli in parts of India. Women create different kolam or muggulu or Rangoli designs in front of the doorstep in the early morning In Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, kolam muggulu designs are called muggulu. Rangoli or kolam muggulu designs are drawn with dots like 5 dots, 6 dots and also drawn without dots also (freehand Rangoli). Creative Kolam or muggulu or Rangoli designs with different colors and flowers in front of their houses. People draw Beautiful special kolams muggulu or Rangoli on Friday to get the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi. Designs vary from easy Rangoli kolam for beginners to difficult levels for professionals. Dussehra or vijayadasami or Navarathri is a festival that is celebrated in a grand scale in India and people worships Goddess Durga matha for this festival

beautiful & creative arts * peacock rangoli kolam without dots * latest easy & simple muggulu

It is our tradition to draw kolam every day morning at the door steps. There are many benifits of drawing kolam in front of the house. It is auspecious and believes Godess Lakshmi enters the house if kolam is drawn. Kolam brings lot of positive vibrations and energy to you and your home. Draw kolam soon after you wake up and then do your prayers.

Latest trendy flower kolam designs - New easy rangoli designs - muggulu

Latest trendy flower kolam designs - New easy rangoli designs - muggulu

#352 very creative freehand rangoli designs - kolam designs with freehand - with out dots muggulu

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