How to Make a Powerful Slingshot Rifle

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How to Make a Powerful Slingshot from Home

Welcome to my DSP Channel in this video i will you about how to make powerful slingshot from home really easy Check Out About My Survival Blog Subscribe my Channel

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Test độ chuẩn của Super slingshot (20m)

clip này mình làm để thử độ chính xác của khẩu slingshot này nhé!! ae cần gì thì cứ liên hệ fb mình để mình tư vấn cho nhé!

Hey guys! Sorry for the wait on this video, but like always I was very busy with schoolwork. Anyway, I hope you like my latest project on how to make an extremely powerful slingshot rifle. If you have any questions or concerns, be sure to leave a comment! Thanks for all the support - TSK


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