Modern Two-Story House Design with Split Level Concept

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Kali ini coba di lahan yang lebih kecil lagi. Luas yang terbatas tidak selalu lantas mengecilkan volume ruang-ruangnya, namun bisa juga ditempuh dengan merencanakan kegiatan di ruang bersama. Dengan cara ini tiap ruang saling 'meminjam' komponen ruang lainnya. Di lantai satu ruang tamu, ruang keluarga, ruang makan dan dapur menjadi satu. Penataan interior adalah salah satu kuncinya agar ruang bersama ini tetap nyaman secara fungsi dan visualnya. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Bantu saya mendapat masukan untuk video berikutnya dengan mengapresiasi video melalui klik LIKE/DISLIKE dan COMMENT ya, kalau ingin ternotifikasi di video berikutnya SUBSCRIBE aja. Terima kasih sudah menonton :) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Untuk versi render animasi yang lebih baik sila dilihat di Anda juga bisa membeli gambar kerja desain ini, sila lihat deskripsi video di link tersebut -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Desain : Ken Ridho - studiokrida Video : Ken Ridho Contact: WA 0858-535-700-48 Song: Ikson - Still (Vlog No Copyright Music) Music promoted by Vlog No Copyright Music. Video Link: Note: Tidak diperkenankan menggunakan video di atas untuk keperluan apapun tanpa izin. Ilustrasi desain di video ini hanyalah konsep pra-desain arsitektural, sebagai ide awal konsep ruang arsitektur. Penggunaan lebih lanjut memerlukan tahapan pengembangan desain, perhitungan struktur, bestek dan perizinan.

Tokyo's impermanent skinny house made to age well with owners

Inheritance taxes on land in Japan means plots often get smaller as they are passed on. This “divide and sell” phenomenon in Tokyo translates into some very tiny home sites. When architects Masahiro and Mao Harada were tasked with creating a home on a lot only 2 meters (6.5 feet) wide at its narrowest point, they chose to interpret small as “near” and use the small scale to their advantage. On the narrowest portion of the lot, along the street, they created a “gatehouse”: used as both an entryway and offices for the clients. The lower level is a gallery for the wife’s art, which is mostly, appropriately, very tiny objects. The second floor, accessible only by a small, wooden ladder, houses the husband’s office with walls lined with books and movies (he directs commercial). Everything in the Gatehouse is within touching distance, and this is important, and a positive thing. Masahiro calls this type of design “peach skin”. “The nearness between the materials and my eye make clear the very small grains, like a peach skin, so the resolution is richer. When you see big things from a distance you can miss details.” Behind the Gatehouse, the lot opens up a bit to accommodate the rest of the home. To comply with building codes limiting home height, the Haradas chose to build the home a few feet underground. Again, they chose to see this as an advantage, allowing for a partly submerged bedroom and bathroom, that allow one to feel “like an animal” while having a bath in the ground or “like an insect” when lying on the bed, at eye level with the plants. After the small, intimate room downstairs the completely open, and high-ceilinged, upstairs feels large. Here one wall is dedicated to a kitchen (partly camouflaged behind tan doors and cabinets) and the other to a full-wall bookshelf which is also structural. Masahiro explains the benefits of using vertical shelf supports that are narrow and very close to each other: the material is cheap; it can be brought in by hand; and it can be created without heavy equipment and instead, by skilled craftspeople. For the interior finish on both the walls and the floors, they used MDF (medium-density fiberboard) both because it is very affordable, but also because it resembles the paper walls in traditional Japanese homes. “Here we use paper and wooden materials and everything can return to the earth, so the time scale is near, or small,” explains Masahiro. “We are always thinking about scale. Scale isn’t just big or small. Scale is also time. This building has a permanent quality, but it also feels ephemeral. This house lives with people, and dies with people, and that’s a good thing.” Mount Fuji Architects: Original story:

Casa 7x9 lahan Kecil konsep Split Level + Musholla [kode 168]

Halo saya Probo hindarto. buat anda yang suka bertanya-tanya Kenapa ada video-video disain Ken Ridho dalam channel saya. sebenarnya Ken Ridho adalah teman kuliah saya dan Kami sering ngobrol soal desain, dan dari sini banyak sekali ide-ide menarik yang muncul karena karakter desain Kami sebenarnya cukup berbeda. Dalam desain kali ini Ken membuat sebuah desain rumah mungil ukuran lahan 7x9 meter yang berkonsep split level. Konsep ini Kebetulan selalu menghadirkan desain rumah yang unik dan lain daripada biasanya Terimakasihh sudah melihat video ini, bila Anda suka silahkan like, subscribe dan share. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- ANDA bisa membeli gambar kerja desain ini. Silahkan WA nomor di bawah. _____________________________________________ Luas lahan: 7x9m atau 63m2 Perkiraan luas rumah: Lantai 1: 63 m² Lantai 2: 40 m² Luas keseluruhan: 103 m² Perkiraan biaya membangun: Rp 412 - 515 juta pada tahun 2018 ini. Dengan asumsi biaya membangun Rp 4-5jt/m2 website: email: whatsapp: 081.252-44-753 ============================== Hello I am Probo hindarto. for those of you wondering Why there are Ken Ridho's design videos in my channel. actually Ken Ridho is my college friend and We often talk about design, a lot of interesting ideas may arise because our design characters are actually quite different. This time Ken made a small house design on a 7x9 meters of land with split level concept. This concept always presents a unique home design and other than usual. Thank you for watching this video, if you like please like, subscribe and share. Land area: 7x9m or 63m2, or 22.9x29.5feet Estimated house area: Floor 1: 63 m² 2nd floor: 40m² Total area: 103 m² ============================== Hallo, ich bin Probo Hindarto. für diejenigen von euch, die sich fragen Warum gibt es Ken Ridho's Design-Videos in meinem Kanal? Eigentlich ist Ken Ridho mein College-Freund und wir reden oft über Design, viele interessante Ideen können entstehen, weil unsere Design-Charaktere eigentlich ganz anders sind. Dieses Mal entwarf Ken ein kleines Hausdesign auf einem 7x9 Meter großen Grundstück mit Split-Level-Konzept. Dieses Konzept präsentiert immer ein einzigartiges Wohndesign und andere als üblich. Vielen Dank für das Ansehen dieses Videos, wenn Sie möchten, mögen Sie, abonnieren Sie und teilen Sie. Grundstücksfläche: 7x9m oder 63m2, oder 22.9x29.5feet Geschätzter Hausbereich: Etage 1: 63 m² 2. Stock: 40m² Gesamtfläche: 103 m² =============================== Hola, soy Probo hindarto. para aquellos de ustedes que se preguntan por qué hay videos de diseño de Ken Ridho en mi canal. De hecho, Ken Ridho es mi amigo de la universidad. A menudo hablamos de diseño, pueden surgir muchas ideas interesantes porque nuestros personajes de diseño son bastante diferentes. Esta vez Ken hizo un pequeño diseño de la casa en un terreno de 7x9 metros con un concepto de nivel dividido. Este concepto siempre presenta un diseño hogareño único y diferente de lo habitual. Gracias por mirar este video, si lo desea, por favor, suscríbase y comparta. Área del terreno: 7x9m o 63m2, o 22.9x29.5 pies Área estimada de la casa: Planta 1: 63 m² 2 ° piso: 40 m² Área total: 103 m²


Halo, ini video pertama saya di youtube tentang desain bangunan. Kali ini tentang bagaimana lahan yang tidak terlalu besar tapi dibuat kaya akan ruang. Juga bagaimana menyambung ruang-ruang itu dengan teknik split level. Kalau ingin menanggapi tulis di kolom komentar, ya? Oh ya jangan lupa SUBSCRIBE bila ingin mendapat update video-video terbaru dari saya. Desain: Ken Ridho - studiokrida Video : Ken Ridho Render image: Probo Hindarto - astudiotv Untuk animasi yang lebih realistik lihat di Contact: WA 0858-535-700-48 Song: Sappheiros - Embrace (Vlog No Copyright Music) Music promoted by Vlog No Copyright Music. Video Link: Note: Tidak diperkenankan menggunakan video di atas untuk keperluan apapun tanpa izin. Ilustrasi desain di video ini hanyalah konsep pra-desain arsitektural, sebagai ide awal konsep ruang arsitektur. Penggunaan lebih lanjut memerlukan tahapan pengembangan desain, perhitungan struktur, bestek dan perizinan.

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Modern two-story house built with unique structure. This modern two-story house has base as rectangular structure, but infiltrated by superimposed boxes like form, so in first level of the house has split level interior concept. Superimposed boxes like form that bring both appearance of exterior and interior of this contemporary Japanese house stratified. The stratified concept idea that applied to design this cubic-form house architecture came up from surrounding landscape; that is the terraced rice fields.
In ground level interior, ceiling does not need decoration anymore, because split floor at first level itself become perfect ceiling structure. Not only have that, gap between split level floor become ventilation and light source to ground level although the ground level itself has open plan concept. The ground level interior is surrounded by glass wall panels, bring natural light inside, also to catch agricultural panorama that can be enjoyed inside, where there almost no partition exist.
First level interior of this stylish house design is more stunning. Split level floor interior bring impression of series of mezzanine installed in this house. The superimposed boxes like form create nooks. The series of nooks optimized bring each of activity area fresh, so inside this open-plan house does not seem boring. While ground level surrounded by glass openings, the first level has wood cladding. But, although has wood cladding, there are exterior nooks created from shifting boxes structure. The exterior nooks installed with series of windows. The windows panels have two kind of cover; glass panels and wooden sashes panels. If there is too bright sunlight inserted the house, the sashes become shield and reduce light intensity.
Overall interior has whiteness color. White color painted from the walls to ceiling while the wooden flooring maintained its original tone, natural brown wood color. Although painted in white, series of wooden boards that become walls and ceiling bring pattern decoration to this modern two-story house. There is also small nook that becomes outdoor terrace.

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