Top 10 Famous Logos With Huge Mistakes You Don't Notice

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There are so many secrets about everyday objects you probably haven't thought about that you don't know. From why all crisps have the same expiry date to why snorkels aren't as long as you'd like them to be, here are 10 more hidden secrets in everyday things. Subscribe for more! ► ◄ Stay updated ►◄ For copyright queries or general inquiries please get in touch: Credit: George Street Shuffle by Kevin MacLeod ( is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Featuring... Microprinting - signing a check, you may think you're signing on the signature line. But if you get a magnifying glass and look very closely at that line, it is actually made up of repeating print which says, “Authorized signature” over and over. Blank book pages - If you're an avid reader of paper books, you may have noticed there are often blank pages at the end of the book. Why are they there? No, it's not so you can free-form your thoughts before typing out your actual Amazon review of the novel. Tram/train Criss-Crossing overhead line. While riding the tram, you may look up and notice its criss-crossing overhead lines. Are they designed that way to remind you of a nineties rap song? No, there's a functional reason for the criss-cross pattern, called the 'sweep' exists. Snorkels - You may know that snorkels allow people to breathe while swimming underwater. Unlike scuba equipment, which requires an air tank, snorkels stick up out of the water, allowing the wearer to breathe air from the atmosphere. In N Out Burgers' Bible Verses - Many people enjoy In N Out Burgers, and some have noticed their burger wrappers, fry containers, and cups contain tiny notations in strange places, like the underside of cups or near the seam of the burger or fry pouch. Incandescent Light bulbs - Light bulbs light up our lives, but have you ever wondered about their shape? Often hidden under a lampshade, they could be shaped like anything, but the bulb has a round shape that tapers down to the base. This was chosen when light bulbs were first developed because it was easily made by glassblowers. The spherical design is also ideal for controlling heat and light emissions. Lately these have been replaced by the newer, more efficient spiral-shaped bulbs, but sometimes, even that design is hidden inside a spherical bulb— a bright idea in design. Toothpaste stripes - This one might come as a surprise. Multicoloured stripes on toothpaste were first introduced to the oral hygiene market by Aquafresh in 1973 when it entered the toothpaste market. Although insanely simple, this product development was pretty ingenious. McFlurry Spoon Hollow Bottom - If you enjoy McDonald's McFlurries, you may have thought the hole at the end of the McFlurry spoon was meant to be used as a straw. Walkers Crisps - Most consumers are so eager to tear the bag of Walkers Crisps open they don't pay much attention to the date. Who Killed the King of Hearts? - If you've ever been bored during a card game, you might have pondered at the design of the cards. Some people have noticed the King of Hearts actually has a sword stuck in his head, or at least that's how it appears on the card.

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Some of the most famous logos have huge mistakes you probably didn't notice. Keep watching to find out which mistakes exist in famous logos!
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Be Amazed at these Top 10 famous logos with huge mistakes! Wikipedia - Wikipedia’s logo is an ingenious one; an incomplete globe composed of puzzle pieces with different letters and characters on it, representing the idea of it being a “free encyclopaedia” and allowing users from all around the world to freely add or edit any of its contents. White House - As the official residence for the incumbent president of the United States, you would think that the accompanying logo would represent the iconic building accurately. London Olympics 2012 - Considered by many as the worst Olympic Games logo , the London Olympics 2012 logo has earned a lot of flak from people due to its numerous blunders. 7-Eleven - Having the iconic mix of the colours green, red, and orange in its logo, it’s easy to spot a 7-Eleven store even from afar.

WWE - WWE, short for World Wrestling Entertainment, has made only one significant change in its logo, and that is when they rebranded themselves from the 'World Wrestling Federation' or WWF. Monster - With a logo depicting massive claw marks from a presumably monstrous creature, you know that the Monster Company means business. Walt Disney - Donning playful swirls and a cutesy appearance, the Walt Disney logo has become somewhat an iconic logo for both children and children-at-heart. Nintendo Switch - Nintendo is mostly known for its innovative gaming consoles and lovable characters. Pepsi - Pepsi Company’s red, white, and blue globe is easily one of the most recognisable logos in the world. Google - Google is known for following simple yet effective approaches, which is evident by their many products.

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