New Solo TV Spot: Thoguths/Reaction

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How Many Figures Make up a Complete Vintage Star Wars set?

So how many figures are there in a complete set of the vintage Star Wars figures? 92? 100? 101? 105? 276? Support the Junk, get Exclusives: Visit the Junk: Follow the Junk: Twitter: Kenner:, Junkman: Email the Junk:

Honest Trailers WATCHMEN Reaction & Discussion by Jaby & Akasan!

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Here's a totally normal movie review from Kylo that's not a big deal at all so just shut up about it. Everything is FINE. Help us make more awesome stuff! Website: Patreon: Merch: Podcast: Music: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook:

Russia And Latin America Are Becoming New BFF

Russian TV: Latin America Opens Its Huge Market to Russian Massive Investments Subscribe to Vesti News Latin America's population is twice as big as in the US. But, of course, many times less in buying power. In order to trade with Latin Americans, it's necessary to open credit lines. Before the sanctions it meant working with banks in the US. A dead end? Well no. US sanctions only motivated Russia to search for new markets and mechanisms. And Latin America, discouraged by Trump's policy, is again looking for new footholds. Andrey Grigoryev reporting from Mexico, Colombia, and even Paraguay. Join and subscribe by clicking on the 'bell' notification Support us on Patreon! Visit us! Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter:

The Nerd Crew - Solo: A Star Wars Story - Teaser Trailer Breakdown!!!

Okay Jay/Rich this is the rough edit. Insert the final trailer after it's uploaded this Sunday or Monday (You'll see the spot for it) This way we can have the reaction video out before everyone else. Our reactions will probably match up to the trailer as these SW trailers are pretty boilerplate and predictable at this point. Remember DO NOT POST THIS anytime before the official release of the trailer. We'll look really stupid. Also, Rich - a collection agency keeps calling my phone looking for you. They sounded pretty mad. Made some comments about "breaking your legs" - which seemed a little unusual for collections? Your gambling habit hasn't resurfaced again has it? If so we need to have a talk. DO NOT borrow money from Jimmy "the leg breaker" Malone anymore. Okay, talk with you guys soon. - Mike

New TV Spot for Solo: A Star Wars Story released! Click below to see it

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