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a very EXTRA wish haul

In this video I try on the most extra items I could find on Wish...and it got interesting :') Thank you so much for watching! I upload TWO times a week, every Wednesday and Saturday AEST. SOCIAL MEDIA ♡Instagram, Pinterest, Soundcloud and Twitter - @annaliseewood LINKS TO THE ITEMS (some of the prices have changed) Ring(its now free...typical) - https://www.wish.com/c/5636d1ac1ccae72f8f95591e Red two piece - https://www.wish.com/c/593fa9cefa9819282e2a929a Crystal bra - https://www.wish.com/c/58df1ef091f6df54f3aed5ae Black dress - https://www.wish.com/c/5a31d49c5dcd02351400afd5 Gold set - https://www.wish.com/c/59de180eb9080042266d0a39 Gold pj set - https://www.wish.com/c/58491cc06e950e4f6a45bea1 Gold face mask - https://www.wish.com/c/5811c6d8a58a7f4c231b76c1 WANT TO BINGE WATCH? ♡ Everyday Makeup Routine - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LKkUiZmmd74&t=25s ♡ DIY NYE Skirt - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZBcbf9XTELQ&t=1s ♡The best places to shop online - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CLcKkzB4hNE&t=25s Music - https://soundcloud.com/femaleproducer-icy/glamorous-1 THANK YOU FOR 6,000 THATS INSANE. BLOWS MY MIND. THANK YOU. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! See you next week! xoxo Annalise

I Bought $1000 Lost Luggage at an Auction and Found This… (Buying Lost Luggage Mystery Auction)

I bought $1000 lost luggage at an auction and found this… I can’t believe what we found in this suitcase! Baggage auctions are so much fun, mystery auction for lost luggage, just like opening a mystery box! Similar to storage wars but with lost bag instead of abandoned storage unit. Sean's Video: https://youtu.be/2WhThM9s41M SOOUUU WEEEE!!


Today I am testing some "strange" products from Wish! I post new video's Fridays & Sundays & sometime's Tuesdays! Subscribe here http://bit.ly/2FMI05q Instagram: @miamaples Snapchat: @miamaples Twitter: @ivorygirl48

I Bought A $500 'LUXURY' Mystery Box from Ebay- OMG WHY

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I finally went on Romwe and bought too many clothes, to share with you guys! SOCIAL MEDIA ♡Instagram, Pinterest, Soundcloud and Twitter - @annaliseewood WANT TO BINGE WATCH? ♡ I bought the most expensive item on PrettyLittleThing - https://youtu.be/9cLa4zlsel8 ♡I bought the lowest rated items on Fashion Nova - https://youtu.be/kXP_iKjwwh0 ♡A very GLAM Wish high heel haul - https://youtu.be/muEWFv1yoj4 Links to items: Black dress - https://au.romwe.com/Adjustable-Strap-Jersey-Cami-Bodycon-Dress-p-221656-cat-767.html Pearl jeans - https://au.romwe.com/Faux-Pearl-Raw-Hem-Ripped-Jeans-p-259277-cat-813.html White bralette - https://au.romwe.com/Lace-Crop-Cami-Top-p-232416-cat-672.html Tweed skirt - https://au.romwe.com/Rhinestone-Detail-Frayed-Edge-Tweed-Skirt-p-255713-cat-682.html Tweed top - https://au.romwe.com/Tassel-Trim-Tweed-Top-p-255971-cat-670.html Rhinestone belt - https://au.romwe.com/Rhinestone-Metal-Belt-p-284747-cat-698.html Wink hoodie - https://au.romwe.com/Blink-One-Eye-Print-Crop-Hoodie-p-253088-cat-673.html Silver jacket - https://au.romwe.com/Metallic-Quilted-Padded-Coat-With-Hood-p-255484-cat-676.html Fur coat - https://au.romwe.com/Color-Block-Faux-Fur-Coat-p-287222-cat-676.html Music - https://soundcloud.com/femaleproducer-icy/glamorous-1 I love youuuu!! All 49,910 of you!! xoxo Annalise

In todays video, I attempt another Wish haul, except this time I only buy high heels! It gets interesting...

♡Instagram, Pinterest, Soundcloud and Twitter - @annaliseewood

♡ I buy the cheapest thing on Burberry - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KBwc6Ls2JTs&t=25s
♡ A very EXTRA Wish haul - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gEuLu-eSQgg&t=482s
♡ A very EXTRA Aliexpress haul - https://youtu.be/Ik2HiAAi-pM

Links to heels
Pink Heels - https://www.wish.com/c/59ace23a787e7b252695318a
Rhinestone heels - https://www.wish.com/c/5a7a8d0ec4791877197d37bc
Black heels (what they were meant to be) - https://www.wish.com/c/5a1e12c9647e1f04587fc505
Gold heels (my fave) - https://www.wish.com/c/5a7184261b3a827b023a0136

Music - https://soundcloud.com/femaleproducer-icy/glamorous-1

I love youuuu!! All 26,861 of you!!

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