Denis Achidri (Ugandan baseball player) HIGHLIGHT REEL

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Some of the greatest baseball plays you will ever see

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Mexico v USA (5-2) Baseball Highlights - World Baseball Classic Round 1 [08/03/2013]

Subscribe for the latest baseball highlights: Yovani Gallardo set the tone for Team Mexico's pitching staff with 3 1/3 innings and four strikeouts, while Adrian Gonzalez led the way on offense, hitting a two-run homer off R.A. Dickey as part of a three-RBI night in Mexico's win over Team USA. Watch baseball highlights: Follow LoveBaseball on Twitter: The World Baseball Classic:

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LLWS 2014 Texas baseball - Bad umpire call!

An umpire makes a bad call by forgetting the count and calling a batter out on just two strikes. This during the Little League World Series 2014 opening game between Cumberland Rhode Island and Pearland Texas. What is odd is that despite having six umpires and several cameras, the call is never over turned. WHAT LIKELY HAPPENED: While it hasn't been verified by someone who was there yet, it's likely that the batter and base runners abandoned the field to the dugout, which would have ruled them out. No where in the video do we see the umpire call the batter out. IF the fielders left the field thinking it was a 3rd out, the umpires wouldn't have stopped them or said anything. The runners would have been able to advance. So it's likely the batter and runners just left the field and doing so would have ruled them an out. The long discussion may have been explaining that to the manager. THEN the manager probably asked which kid was ruled to be the out. If it wasn't the batter, then he'd be up next the following inning, so it'd be important to identify which player was ruled to be out. They did rule the batter out because he did not bat first in the next inning. UPDATE: In a September 8th, 2015 MLB game between the Giants and the Diamondbacks, the umpire lost track of the count. When the manager called him on it, the umpires consulted and then went to the video to get the call right.

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Ugandan baseball player Denis Achidri - highlights. (#37)
(Denis is currently wearing #27 this year if you see him playing)
Catcher - Pitcher - 1b/2b/outfield
DOB: 9/9/01

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