Padi kolam for Margazhi or New Year rangoli | Sudha Balaji geethala muggulu for Sankranti

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Latest trendy flower kolam designs - New easy rangoli designs - muggulu

Latest trendy flower kolam designs - New easy rangoli designs - muggulu

Festival kolam chitra pournami 7 5 17

This is festival kolam - chitra pournami

Sahasradala Padma - The 1000 Petals Lotus || Pooja Room Kolam

Sahasraradala padmam is described as a lotus flower with 1,000 petals. These petals are arranged in 20 layers, each layer with approximately 50 petals. Sahasraradala Padmam is considered sacred and should be drawn in Pooja rooms only and make sure no one steps on it. For more design visit my site : For kolam updates like my page on fb :

Padi kolam with 5x5 dots || easy geethala muggulu designs (dhanurmasam muggulu) || Chukki Rangoli

Padi kolam with 5x5 dots || easy geethala muggulu designs (dhanurmasam muggulu) || Chukki Rangoli Welcome to our own channel, Daily Rangoli Designs. My passion towards Rangoli is what that made me to start up a YouTube channel. In this channel I will be sharing my knowledge and passion towards Rangoli. Also I will explain in detail about the procedure to draw simple, easy and variety of Rangoli designs. I hope I will be able to fulfill the desire of all the Rangoli lovers. India is a land of many rituals, a wide range of ceremonies are followed in India. One among them is making Rangoli. Rangoli is a symbol of auspicious. Rangoli is made in courtyards to welcome Hindus deities and guests, on different occasions and festivals like Diwali, Marriages, Pooja and many more. Rangoli have become a part of our culture which we follow every day. Rangoli is a sign of invitation to welcome all into the home, not the least of whom is Lakshmi, the Goddess of prosperity and wealth. Making Indian Rangoli is considered auspicious, lucky and is thought to convey success to homes and family. Please give us your valuable suggestion and comments to improve our channel. Please also subscribe to our channel to get all latest videos on Daily Rangoli designs. Thanks for subscribing.. YouTube channel Subscription : YouTube : Blog : Facebook : Pinterest : Google + : Twitter : Reddit : Tumbler : Linkedin : Stumbleupon : I don’t own any music, all rights go to owners/creators


Hi friends... here is a demo on how to draw a padi kolam for the festival of lights, Karthigai Deepam... try drawing this simple padi kolam (with 5-3 dots) on this auspicious occasion with the help of the video on the link - Please share it with your friends and give your valuable comments #padikolam #kolam #rangoli design

Lines rangoli designs drawn for festivals. If some one tells you that rangoli designs with lines are not easy to draw they are not right. They are among the simplest rangoli designs to create , unlike free hand rangoli where we need imagination and to some extent drawing skills also. Drawing rangoli with kolam powder or podi using the traditional method of drawing kolam with fingers that is widely followed in Tamil Nadu, in Karnataka and Andhra needs regular practice.

They may look like a labyrinth or maze when completed but when they are drawn in individual elements as we do in any rangoli video they are easy to follow . Also called geethala muggulu in Telugu as my mother used to term them they are most sought after designs for Sankranti muggulu designs without dots.

Pongal is Sankranti in Tamil Nadu. The day before is Bhogi and the day after is Maatu Pongal when the bulls and cows are worshipped. The day after is Kanu or Kaanum Pongal. All days are important for celebration including kolam decoration. We can draw a padi kolam design on one of these days for other days we can have colourful rangoli with dots.

Kolam art may also be included among the ideas jotted down for summer camp for children. These designs with lines may be of interest to teenagers who attend such holiday camps during summer hols.

So far as Navratri ( called Navarathri ) golu decoration is concerned one can have such traditional lines rangoli also instead of or along with some new rangolis . I have the custom of drawing these variety of designs at the entrance daily during Navaratri festival on all nine days and also for Vijayadasami. I will share a video of my entrance kolam drawn for festivals in the future. The issue is I invariably make the pattens early in the morning when the light is not sufficient .

There is a tradition of drawing this for Diwali rangoli including Lakshmi Puja in Southern States of India

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