How To Hang "Paste the Wall" Wallpaper

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Pro painter decorator wallpaper around a window, the fiddly, tricky, little bit

Pro painter decorator wallpaper around a window, the fiddly, tricky, little bit How to wallpaper around a window, the little bit! See my own range of specialist cutting in paint brushes now available to buy thank you for your support How to wallpaper around a window, the tricky little bit! ok i know theres no pattern on this paper! but if you are looking for feature wallpapers? This video merely shows the method and sequence i use to wallpaper around window reveals and in particlar the small insert which is used to fill in after trimming the full length. The question i get asked frequently is how this is done? I am using a plain lining paper hung vertically for the purpose of this demonstration! and of course realize that when using a pattern wallpaper that this would need to be matched . the idea was to use this situation where the walls were a bright orange colour and that this would and does show up well on film.

Skim coating trick! No Sanding after applying a skim coat to a ceiling

In the skim coat tutorial I'm going to show you my skim coating trick for no sanding after applying skim coat to a ceiling. This is Part 3 of my how to skim coat over a textured ceiling series. what to do after a skim coat dries. The good news is this is going to require No Drywall Sanding in this step! Watch this how to skim coat video series so you can skim coat your ceilings like a pro! So stay tuned as I show you what to do after a skim coat dries and how to scrape the drywall with a 6 inch drywall taping knife before applying the second skim coat to the old,ugly painted popcorn ceiling after scraping the first skim coat. I'll also give you a sneak peak into an entire video series where I transform this ugly popcorn ceiling into beautiful new modern finish with a skip trowel texture. So stay tuned... Thanks so much for watching and Subscribing to my channel! -Paul And if you missed Prat 1 of this skim coating video series? I showed you how to mix the joint compound for skim coating over a heavy textured ceiling. Part 1- How to mix skim coat mud- Skim coat tools- Skim coat over popcorn ceiling: Part 2- Don't scrape your painted popcorn ceiling. SKIM COAT IT!!! Please consider Subscribing to see more of my video's. 🔴 SUBSCRIBE for more useful Tips Feel free to ask any questions or if you have a video requests in the comments below? Below in my Drywall and Painting Shop are all of the tools and products I used in this video: ▶ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ if you're new to the channel welcome! My name is Paul and I've been a drywall and painting contractor for over 20 years. I'll be sharing tips, tricks and how to videos for all of your drywall, texturing and painting needs. ** More Helpful Skim Coating Videos Down Below ** ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Here's the Part 1 Soundproofing a wall video: Soundproofing walls without removing drywall- Green Glue compound Here's last weeks video: Drywall cut for flush baseboard after skim coat- Wednesday WalkThrough Checkout my Never seen before super double dog secret diy skim coating tips and tricks YouTube Playlist: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Here's the Part 1of the Water Damage Repair Video Series where I show you how to access and dig into the water damage drywall ceiling and a water blistered wall Here's the Part 2 Video: How to cut out and install drywall on a water damaged drywall ceiling Part 3 Drywall taping and mudding a water damage ceiling repair and wall repair Part 4 Mudding and skim coating a drywall ceiling repair tips and tricks Part 5 How to repair texture on a water damaged drywall ceiling step by step Part 6 How to easily fix damaged drywall by skim coating ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Part 1 of the skim coating video series: Skim coating walls for beginners tutorial Part 2 Never seen before skim coating tips and tricks to skim walls yourself Part 3 Fix walls with a skim coat Part 4 How to easily skim coat walls by hand ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Easiest way to repair knockdown texture on a wall patch ever! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I was mad and punched the wall! How to repair hole in wall tutorial ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ How to apply a skim coat series: Part 1 Here's the link to the video where I showed How to apply a skim coat to your walls for a smooth finish- Skim coating drywall. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Part 2- How to Skim Coat Walls Demonstration ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Part 3 What to do after skim coat dries? No sanding! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Part 4 How to touch up a skim coat before sanding skim coated walls ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Part 5 How to sand a skim coat fast and easy! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Here's a couple of the Skim Coating Demonstration Videos: *How to skim coat a wall in less then 10 minutes | Diy Drywall Tips and Tricks- *(Part 1)How to skim coat using paint roller trick- Getting rid of Knockdown Texture- *(Part 2) How to skim coat trick with a paint roller and joint compound-

How to Hang Unpasted Wallpaper

Hanging wallpaper yourself? You can do it! Brewster Home Fashions shows you everything you will need to get started so that your project will be a success. Brewster Website: Blog: Facebook: Twitter: Pinterest: Instagram: Houzz:

How-to Hang Turner & Gray Paste the Wall Wallpaper | B&M Stores Exclusive to B&M, Turner & Gray Paste The Wall wallpaper makes re-decorating your home even easier! Super-easy to apply and simple to remove, you can re-decorate your home as often as you like. EASY PASTE: say goodbye to your pasting table...EASY APPLY: simply paste the wall and place wallpaper directly onto the pasted area. Smooth down and trim the top and bottom...EASY PEEL: when you want to change your wallpaper, simply lift at one corner and peel back! Once you've picked your wallpaper, here's all you'll need: Straight Edge Craft Knife Sponge & Water Spirit Level Smoothing Brush Paste Roller & Tray Solvite “Paste the Wall” Wallpaper Adhesive Pasting Brush Scissors Tape Measure Don't forget you can buy all your decorating, paint and wallpaper essentials at your local B&M store:

Want to know how to hang paste the wall wallpaper? Presented by Alice and Caleb from Pearson and Projects, here is a HOW TO video about how to hang wall paper.

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