Sophia The Robot Is Alive Now?

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How long until robots rule the world?

Ben Goertzel joins Sophia The Robot and Han The Robot on stage! Robot intelligence becomes more impressive with each passing year, but when will AI actually surpass humans? Wish you were here? Sign up for 2 for 1 discount code for #WebSummit 2019 now:


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Scalia, Garland, Brazile, and Pence

Antonin Scalia, Merrick Garland, Donna Brazile, and Mike Pence. Here are a few tidbits I’ve found on each of these people. LINKS REFERRED TO IN VIDEO: The Hill: White House releases limited visitor logs Obama White House visitor logs have gaps Obama White House archive of other visitor logs White House logs for 2016 (94.9 MB) Email re: voting machines Washington fears new threat from deepfake videos Donna Brazile tweet re: Pelosi/President Secret Service codes Don’t forget to check out my Patreon page for articles on various topics of interest! =============== I write Christian conspiracy thrillers, many of which are based on current events and theories being tossed around in the conspiracy community. Facebook Page Writer's Website Truthification Chronicles Blog Twitter @Ergo_Supero Garden Devotions Channel Topics: Biblical devotions, container gardening, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, how-to crafting, Thrive Life freeze dried foods for long-term food storage. ========================= THREE WAYS TO SUPPORT MY CHANNEL: 1. Become a Patron on Patreon with a monthly pledge. 2. Make a one-time donation via . 3. Purchase some freeze dried food from my consultant page at . (See videos on the products and recipes on my Garden Devotions YouTube channel.)

Robots That Look Human - Is This Your Future Partner?

Would you date, or even marry a robot?

Donald Trump Is NOT Who You Think He Is ((100% PROOF))

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