Qs8006 133" helicopter

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Vario EC 135 PHT 3 Startup and flight

Startup and flight of a Jetcat PHT 3 turbine powered 1:6 scale Eurocopter EC 135 helicopter. For more videos of flights with this helicopter check out my channel! Setup: Vario 1:6 scale Eurocopter EC 135 Vario Fenestron Jetcat PHT 3 Turbine mechanics Futaba transmitter and receiver/servo´s Fuelcapacity 2,5 liters Startweight approx 14 kg Scale items Vario and FinescaleModela

SKY KING der Riesen Heli 95 cm XXL von GOBELUS.de

Jetzt auf Gobelus.de: https://gobelus.de/helikopter/1158/sky-king-xxl-helicopter-95cm?c=11

QS8006 GT large helicopter with tail blade mod!

(sorry for all the typo's in the vid... i made it really quickly) After replacing just about every part on this thing from a faulty pcb causing a nasty crash.. I have it back up and running. Quick video to show how this flies with the tail mod. Top speed now is about 8-9 knots in calm air. It's actually a little bit scary getting this thing moving that fast since it flies like a bus. Enjoy. I am going to be making another video of the final mods ive done on the 8006.. including a very extensive full frame paint job and how to mod the tail rotor. Since this video I have also added a large amount of clay to the nose to make it much faster

53 GT QS8006 RC Helicopter

53" GT QS8006 Co-axial 3.5CH RC Radio remote control Helicopter

GT-8006 and Heli-Max Novus 200 flight practice.

These are two rather different animals! Not long been flying the 8006, which is 3.5 channel and coaxial - it's pretty well behaved but having no tail rotor torque control on left stick makes for fresh learning. Response is fairly sluggish but familiarity from practice gradually helps and much need to remember right stick for all direction control. As will be seen, landing on uneven grass leads to an embarrassing tip-over - not good for blades. Flight pack on this machine is 1500mA 14.8V - thus far capacity is poor at around 800mA according to balancing charger. The Novus has had a good many flights but is still a challenge because of its very sensitive handling, added to which there is a degree of right stick lack of smoothness in the pitch axis, which makes it hard to achieve sustained stable hover regularly. The use now of trainer legs has helped to avoid tip-overs when landing on uneven ground and the weight penalty is small. This heli has proved very enjoyable. To add - turns out the Tx right stick in the Y axis did not self-center very well - opened unit and took some tension off by moving a spring pressure strip to one side - this enables better self centering and should improve ability to find stable hover... which it will be noticed is hard to achieve in this footage.

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