Springdale Public Schools | June School Board Meeting

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Dr. Jim Rollins | Back to School Video 2018 | Game of Groans

Wait...the Superintendent of the Springdale Public Schools did WHAT?!?!?! This is must see!

Springdale Schools surprises Kathy McFetridge by adding her name to Elmdale Learning Center

On Friday August 10 2018, School Board President Kevin Owenby made the announcement that the Elmdale Learning center will be named in honor of long time board member Kathy McFetridge.

Sandra Silberzweig Day 1

Drawing and gluing faces inspired by contemporary artist, Sandra Silberzweig.

MarshalleseTV 14-15 EP26 | Springdale High School | May 25, 2015

I interviewed Layne Bass, who is the ESL Facilitator and four other students from Springdale High School. They all talked about all the exciting things that are going on at SHS especially the Award for a grade of "A" from Arkansas Department of Education. The accomplishment is a result of the hard work of the students, teachers, principals, and families at SHS. The girls shared about their personal experiences throughout high school until now that they are ready to graduate. Ikar konono ippan Layne Bass, eo im ej ESL Facilitator im emen rijikuul jen Springdale High School. Rekar konono kin aolep news ko remman rej walok ilo SHS elaptata kin award eo jikuul en ekar boke jen Department eo an Jikin Jelalokjen. Im jeraman in ej itok jen an rijikuul ro, rikaki ro, pirinjipol ro, im paamle ko ilo SHS lukkun kate er im bok konaer. Leddik ro rekar bar share e jet lomnak ko kin wawen aer kar jikuul ilo aolepen iio ko ilo high school tok nan kio ke rej bojak in kadiwojlok.


The Lakeside Golden Eagles show their talent to celebrate a successful first year on June 4, 2014.

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