How to Make Chords from a Scale

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Determining chord progressions in a song

Karen Cuneo Ramirez explains how to determine the probable progression of chords in a song.

Building Chords, Easy Music Theory

Learn the basic elements of chord-building that can be applied to any instrument. The major scale is all you need to know to make any major or minor chord in any musical key on guitar, piano or anything else. Listen to the new album: iTunes: Spotify: Bandcamp: Soundcloud: Hit me up on Twitter: And Insta: Website:

Two Ways To Find Major and Minor Scales | Method To Memorize Scales

Part 1: Playing by ear

Karen Cuneo Ramirez explains how to play by ear

Understanding: How to Build Chords (Major, Minor, Dim, Aug)

Join my Facebook Group! For Early updates on Competitions and New Video's Hey guys, This is the next big step to make if you want to conquer the fretboard. If you want to know why chords work and what notes you are actually playing. This knowledge builds to actually understanding every different type of chord. But it all starts with being able to understand how to build major scales, and key signatures. so watch those video's first. Major 1 3 5 Minor 1 3b 5 Diminished 1 3b 5b Augmented 1 3 5# Pat

Karen Cuneo Ramirez shows how to make chords from a scale.

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