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PUBG Controller Mobile - GameSir F2 Firestick - Best PUBG Controller ?

PUBG Controller Mobile - Is it the best PUBG contoller for mobiles thats not bluetooth?! This is the gamesir f2 firestick from gearbest. I unbox it and test it using PUBG and my google pixel. Let me know what you think. Buy PUBG Controller here: ❤️Please Support My Channel - Use Links Below❤️ GameSir F2 Firestick - Smartisan R1 - Pre-Order - UMIDIGI Z2 - VERNEE V2 PRO - SQ13 Camera - UMIDIGI A1 PRO - Xiaomi Redmi S2 - Smartisan Nut Pro 2 - Gearbest FLASH SALE - VERNEE X - Support my channel when shopping on Amazon. Follow me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook - GEEKYSTUFF EMAIL - GEEKYSTUFF WEBSITE -

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Play Games Like PUBG & Rules of Survival On Android With Keyboard & Mouse!
➡️ GameSir X1:
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➡️ Xiaomi Redmi S2:
Was the phone in the video

Depending on what phone you have and what game you are playing your mileage/experience i going to vary.

⬇️ Notes From The Official Page ⬇️
➡️ Read Before Buy

⚫ GameSir X1 does not support iOS Fortnite due to the simulator detection by the game publisher.
⚫ OS mobile PUBG and Rules of Survival might match you with other emulator players
⚫ This product would ask you to install the apps and games provided by us
⚫ If you use the Android phone, it asks you to enable the debug mode of your smartphone

As you may know, some popular mobile games do not support gamepad natively. To force them controllable with gamepads, GameSir either requires you to use GameSir World app to create a button overlay on the screen allowing GameSir product to control the game (Android) or provides you the complete game packages already integrated with the gamepad support (iOS). We promise you that GameSir never-ever manipulates the game's internal data, and never modifies and harms your smartphone system.

➡️ Disclaimer

By purchasing this product, you agree to take your own risk from any potential detection by any game publishers and the consequence of it, or any situation occurred due to the enabled debugging mode. It is your responsibility to ensure the smartphone's safety and determine the usage of our products. GameSir is not responsible or liable in any manner in respect of the results above.


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