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How To Upholster A Wooden Arm Chair - For The (Upholstery Beginner)

How To Upholster A Wooden Arm Chair - For The Upholstery Beginner I get many emails each week asking for advice on upholstering that first piece of furniture.  If you start small and gradually build up to more difficult pieces you will probably have less frustration and save money. Making the wrong cuts in your fabric, putting fabric on in the wrong order or choosing the wrong materials is costly. While upholstering a chair of this type you will learn to:  • Use upholstery tools. • Tear down. •  Install a base for springs. • Tie Springs. •  Pad up your project. • Measure and cut fabric.  • Center your fabric. • Attach your fabric. • Add cording. • Close the outside back. • Put on a dust cover.

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HOW TO REUPHOLSTER A CHAIR SEAT - ALO Upholstery Subscribe Now For More: **OPEN HERE FOR MORE INFO** 21 Bradwick Drive, unit #7 Concord, ON L4T 2T4 416-817-4056 or 938 Eglinton Ave West, Toronto, ON M6C2C2 416-781-3499

How to Make Your Own Tufted Headboard

Start to finish to make your own upholstered, tufted-style headboard. For more information on how we made this, check out my blog here: We used a sheet of plywood, thick foam, quilt batting, fabric, roofing nails, and button cover kits to create a budget-friendly headboard for a large, king-sized bed. The headboard is mounted on the wall once it's assembled together. Watch again and read the details on this beauty on my blog!

27 Furniture makeover

Detail info related to our 27 home makeover furniture, Before that, turn cc to tun on or turn off subtitle ------------- 1.►0:19|Use scrap leather to make pretty modern drawer pulls: 2.►0:44|Mask off the top half of an old step stool and paint it white: 3.►1:06|Do it yourself Video: Spray Painting Metal Furniture 4.►2:17|DIY – MARBLE TABLE 5.►2:40|Replace the legs on your current sofa: 6.►3:09|Then tuft the cushions: 7.►4:26|How to Make an Electric SIT and STANDING DESK DIY 8.►5:31Distress a cabinet with the help of a little petroleum jelly 9.►5:58|How To Secure a Dresser to a Wall 10.►6:44|Dress up a side table in contact paper and spray paint 11.► 7:13|5 Techniques to Painting Upholstery Successfully 12.►7:44|How to Remove Rust 13.►8:07|How to Restore Hardware in 5 Minutes (No painting, no wax!) 14.►8:39|How to Cover Old Hardware Holes 15.►15:21|How To Keep Rugs From Sliding 16.►9:46|Dresser turn to bench 17.►10:06|From old dresser to a new TV stand 18.►10:28|An old cabinet becomes a beautiful little buffet 19.►11:00|How To Strip Furniture and Restain It 20.►11:37|How To Make a Dresser Into a Vanity 21.►12:02|How to Fix a Furniture Finish 22.►12:19|5 Great Ways to “Weather” or Distress Furniture 23.►12:48|Cabinet Transformed Into A Kitchen Island 24.►13:21|Upgrade chair to bench 25.►13:46|The Amazing Red Coffee Table 26.►14:06|Thrifted Dresser to TV Stand/Buffet/Entryway Table 27.►14:29|How To Make DIY Drawer Pulls from Just About Anything ------ For Credit you can visit this board below: You can pin it, safe it for later, share, and comment it if you want. It's free ----- Music: The croft by Joakim Karud and Spring in My step by silent partner --- More home and decor ideas visit

Today, I took a shot at reupholstering a chair that I bought from Goodwill! I'm not an expert. I have not followed any instruction, nor have I done this before. I simply just paid attention to how I took it apart and put it back together in a similar way..but with my own twist! Enjoy!

FOR THE BACK OF THE CHAIR: I ended up using some hot glue to make sure that there would be a clean seam, but also would hold the fabric. Feel free to experiment with other adhesives and techniques!


Materials used:
-Chair (Goodwill)
-3 yards of upholstery fabric
-Paint (Paintbrushes, etc.)
-Heavy duty staple gun meant for 1/2" staples
-1/2" staples
-Decorative Rivets
-Hot glue/ Hot glue gun
*You may need to buy new batting depending on the condition of the old batting

*Disclaimer: the scene explaining how I did the back of the chair, unfortunately, got deleted. I'm sorry for the inconvenience, however, the whole purpose of trying something new is to learn and make mistakes. No matter what chair you have, it will most likely be different than the one I had and you'll have to try out new techniques to finish it anyway. This whole project for me was to get out of my comfort zone and learn a new skill without prior knowledge of how to upholster. I hope that you take chances on your own project as well. Be daring. Thank you for your overall support!

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