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Salt Water Swimming Pools - Myths & Truths you Need to Know

WEBSITE: YouTube Video Index -- A list of all of my videos: In this video I dispel some commonly held Myths about a salt Water Pool. Often referred to as Salt Water Generators. There are several videos on YouTube on this subject so I decided to weigh in myself. One-third of my pool route -- roughly 35 pools are Salt Water Pools. So I have lots of practical real world experience with salt pools. My personal pool is also a salt pool and has been for the past nine years. Some of the benefits are: A good chlorine level all of the time. Softer water and no chemical smells. You get away from handling chemicals that are known carcinogens. Makes maintaining your pool much easier. Salt Water Generators are reliable and easy to operate (most of them are reliable). Eliminates the need for shocking your pool. Most Salt water Generators will have a Super Chlorinate mode. Some of the drawbacks: Higher cost of maintaining your pool. A slight learning curve. Some cities restrict draining a salt water pool. PH will constantly rise in a salt pool. Cannot be installed in a pool with copper pipes. So after watching the video I hope you feel more confident about making a more informed decision if a salt water generator is right for you or not. If you have questions or need help picking out the right salt system you can comment here or contact me on my website and I will further assist you. Salt Cell Cleaning and Salt Pool Care: Mrdgvb1 Social Media Links: Google +: Blogger: Facebook: WEBSITE:

Steps for Making Chlorine Dioxide. PLEASE read about CD/MMS in description. It is NOT unsafe.

If I knew I was going to get THOUSANDS of views, I would have tried to LOOK better! (I had just come back from the pool!) THIS STUFF is helping me to HEAL! It kills viruses, bacteria, parasites, candida (yeast), reduces heavy metals, reduces inflammation (big time) and, other than die off symptoms, has no side effects. From Jim Humble ch 4 in Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism: There has never been a recorded death caused by ingestion of chlorine dioxide or sodium chlorite in humans. In the case of chlorine dioxide, it would take 1000 times more chlorine dioxide than is used in a daily treatment dose to reach a toxic dose for a human being. ... No information was located regarding death in humans following oral exposure to chlorine dioxide or chlorite. Shi and Xie (1999) indicated that an acute oral LD50 value (a dose expected to result in death of 50% of the dosed animals) for stable chlorine dioxide was (greater than) 10,000 mg/kg in mice. I should say something about bleach as a number of critics insist that MMS (chlorine dioxide) is a bleach and thus is a poison. Chlorine dioxide, the chemical that is MMS, has never been used domestically as a bleach for cleaning toilets. It is an industrial bleach when used 4000 times more concentrated than MMS. It is never used for bleaching purposes in the homes of people of this world. ... a chlorine dioxide solution being 4000 times weaker than that of bleach cannot be called bleach. This is a fact accepted in courts of law of the world.

LARGE Clear Floating Chlorine Dispenser w/ Thermomter DO IT YOURSELF!!!

SUBSCRIBERS NEEDED: “Do it Yourself” Pool or Spa, Chlorine or Bromine floating Dispenser! THE BIG REVEAL will show you how to create your own supply of Chlorine Dispensers with a pair of scissors or utility knife, and something very common you might be throwing out every week. There are two Videos: “Small” and “Large" Satisfaction Guaranteed! - Small Chlorine Dispenser, holds between 1 and 3 , 3” tablets or the equivalent in 1” tabs - Large Chlorine Dispenser is best for preserving bubble wrap type pool covers and blankets from being eaten or rotted away. This design is expandable between 3 and 9 , 3” tablets or the equivalent in 1” tabs - LASTS FOREVER: Once you learn how to make your own dispenser, no one can ever take away that knowledge. - Visual indication: No need to fish dispenser out of pool just to check tablets - Dispenses Chlorine Deeper: Better for pool covers susceptible to surface chlorine concentrations (bubble wrap style blankets), and pool sweeper relocates the dispenser easier - Durable: Commercial dispenser lids have two small fragile locking tabs that break off after about a year of being exposed to chlorine - Thermometer: How to incorporate your store bought thermometer. One step to check chlorine and temperature. No more pool sweeps getting tangled on thermometer cord - Patent Pending on production version. SUBSCRIBERS NEEDED to start monetizing, thank you so much!

Rainbow 320 Chlorinator Tips & Troubleshooting

WEBSITE: YouTube Video Index – A list of all of my videos: The most common problem that people have with this chlorinator is that the tablets don't seem to be melting. More than likely it is because too much air is in the unit when the lid is closed. I will show you some common troubleshooting tips and walk you through how to load the chlorinator properly. I also give you a couple warnings about the chlorinator: one is that it can be very toxic to open the top if the tablets haven't been melting. The acid in the tablets mixes with the chlorine and causes a very toxic gas that will cause your lungs to close. For the Rainbow Chlorinator Playlist: Mrdgvb1 Social Media Links: Google +: Blogger: Facebook:

Swimming Pool Chlorine Tablets..NEVER Put In Skimmer

WEBSITE: Why should NEVER put chlorine pucks in the skimmer? This is any easy one. When your pool filter system turns off the tabs keeps dissolving. This develops a pocket of highly acidic water. When the system turns back on this acidic water goes straight into the filter system and within a short while can compromise the internal parts. Cartridge and DE filters can become brittle. This can wear them down faster and possibly allow dirt to return back into the pool. Acid will also eat away at the O-rings and gaskets. You can use your chlorine tab feeder, or better yet, get a tab float. They come in all different shapes such as frogs, birds, etc... They're only about $10 and can last 7 - 10 years. If it cracks or breaks simply get another one.

Are you looking for the Best Chlorine Tablets. We spent hours to find out the Best Chlorine Tablets for you and create a review video. In this video review you will find the top products list, what is the feature of these products and why you should buy it.

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