Mr. Varun & Sushmitha' s home | Interior Design | Sai Vandana Brundavan | Sarjapur Road | Bangalore

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Saravanan & Anu's 3 BHK Villa | Interior Design | Renaissance Nature Walk | Bangalore

In this video, we have demonstrated the interiors done by Bonito @ Nature Walk, KR Puram.This is a 3 BHK villa owned by the lovely couple Anu and Saravanan. #Foyer Design We have designed an "L" shaped shoe rack which has bottom cabinets at seater height.Provision for air circulation is given.A long pebble tray is designed which starts from the shoe rack and extends till the entrance of the living.The wall above this is decorated with a brass finished Ganesha.A rafter with spot lights is provided to highlight the entire wall. #Living room interiors design We have decorated the whole wall behind the TV unit with textured paint and 3 wall mounted cabinets are placed for storage and display purpose.Cabinets are highlighted with dark and light coloured laminates.A long white bottom cabinet is provided which goes along with the white outline. Few drawers are included in the bottom cabinet. To light up the entire wall, we have designed a CNC with cove lights and spotlights on the ceiling. The wall opposite to Tv unit is decorated with a beautiful Marble cut work.Cove lights are provided to light up this piece of art.The wall next to it has a broad window. We have provided CNC design on the side panels of the window.A beautiful chandelier with circular hanging lights is another speciality of this living area. #Dining area design We have designed an amazing circular shaped false ceiling with CNC design.This dining area houses a staircase which leads you to the floors above.A beautiful pebble tray with multicoloured LED lights designed below the staircase. #Modern modular kitchen We have included spot light in the entrance panel of the kitchen to make it more welcoming.We used white laminates for top cabinets and blackcurrant for bottom cabinets.We have designed a handle free designs.We have provided silver coloured G profile which is been highlighted when used with white and blackcurrant laminates.A seater and a breakfast counter is designed in the kitchen with marble counter top. #Pooja room design We have made 2 levels in this pooja room and provided drawers for storage.We have used the same coloured laminates with granite counter top. #Guest bedroom Furniture We have designed a wardrobe with light and dark coloured laminates with leather texture on it.An end to end loft is designed for storage. #False ceiling design on the passage On the way to the kids bedroom and master bed room there is an open space. We have provided a false ceiling with squares intersecting in corners. The false ceiling near master bedroom is decorated with a CNC cutting. #kids bedroom furniture A sleek study table is designed with royal blue coloured laminates with storage on both sides in black coloured laminates.A huge wardrobe with blue and black laminates is designed in this room.The dresser has storage behind the mirror as well as drawers below.A designer hanging light is given to beautify the room even more. # Master bedroom interior We have provided orange and white coloured laminates to brighten this master bedroom.The laminates is been placed in diagonal shapes. We have given a study table provision in the middle of the wardrobe which can be converted into a TV unit as well.The coat is designed with storage underneath.Head board of this coat has white laminate with orange boarder. Two fancy side table with ss legs to support gives a young and vibrant look to the room. For more customised designs contact us @, Also do check out or furniture @

Interior Design | Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

INSTAGRAM: Sign up for our DESIGN SESSIONS here! In this video Rebecca walks you through the art of kitchen remodeling. From how to pick your countertops to your flooring. She'll also show you some of the most creative ways to use space in your kitchen..! Follow us on Facebook: Robeson Design. ----------------------------------------­----------- Directed and Produced by Robeson Design. Videography by Matthew Moran Editing by Dorian Tucker Royalty free music by Epidemic Sound

The Elegant house of Mr. Sathya Prakash Nair By Bonito Designs

Own home is everybody's dream. How do you plan the space inside the home is very crucial for you. Here we are with another beautiful home designed by Bonito Designs! Video Credits: Carpet Area : 1800 sqft Project Value : 20 L Designer : Vinyas Project Manager : Raghu Host : Sowmya Shot & Edit : Sagar Shankaranarayanan

Modern Room Divider Designs Ideas

Modern Room Divided Designs Ideas For your home.Thanks for watching pls don't forget to like and subscribe to my channel for more updates.

Hanieffa and Benazir's home | Interior Designing | Goyal Orchid Wood | Bangalore

#Foyer area. When you enter this apartment the combination of black and white directly enhances the space and gives a feeling of coziness and peace. You can easily sit on the shoe cabinet and remove your shoes. A beautiful stone cladding is enlightened with some spot lights. We have also installed a lacquered glass as a partition which enhances even more, the elegance of the space. Light has been used carefully and thoroughly since it is one of the most important parts of interior design. The yellow light of the squared false ceiling makes the place even warmer. # TV unit brightens the space with this sweet balance of black and white. Spot lights are still enlightening this combination of colors. The display unit and pigeon holes here can welcome many nice artifacts. A black and long rafter is fixed all along the wall of the room, and some spotlights are fixed inside. You can easily relax on the sofa watching TV or reading, or you can just enjoy watching that lovely place. # The false ceiling in the living-room is really well composed. On the center we have put three rafters where some yellow warm spot lights are given. The contrast is really interesting with the white cove lights and yellow spotlights lighting up different parts of the false ceiling. #The Living area and the dining room are divided by a slanted partition with spotlights which gives a feeling of privacy. In the dining space we decided to put a crockery unit for storage that is made of different drawers. There is another nice stone cladding on the wall behind the crockery unit beautifying the space with its combination of the white niches and fixed on it. The long black rafter is still brightening up the space with his spot lights. There is a piece of ply that seems to hang idle beside the crockery unit! Surprise! It is actually a removable table which can be used in case of many guests. #The kitchen has a combination of white and black currant that gives bright and fresh look by contrast. The white board is a really nice idea if you need to write something. There is a lot of storage in that kitchen and you can easy tidy up that place. There is a lovely shelf where you can easily store many spices. That space comes in really handy for the ones who cook the everyday meals in the house. #In the Kids bedroom we used a dark and a light brown laminate contrast. A big wardrobe with a lot of storage and drawers have been installed since kids often need a lot of storage and as you can see, it is already full of toys. In one of the doors of that wardrobe we have attached a big mirror to give another dimension to that space. On the right side of that wardrobe there is a display unit made of different niches and drawers. #In the master bedroom we used again the combination of black and white. The display unit offers a lot of storage. A lovely wall with a butterfly decal gives a feeling of softness to that bedroom. Like we did in the living area, we put a rafter on top with some spotlights. On the corner, we fixed a curved desk where it is really easy to sit and work. The huge master bedroom is well enhanced by a white and smooth head-board. On the other side, we can find a wardrobe with three loft storage on the top. It is all made of black glossy and metallic laminates that look really elegant and fancy. #The guest bedroom too is pretty spacious and stands pretty with a beautiful wardrobe that has a combination of rich brown laminates sandwiched between the light brown laminates. A 7 feet big mirror is attached to the door of the wardrobe whereas some loft storage are provided on the top.

Home tour of Mr. Varun & Sushmitha, 2bhk apartments, Sai Vandana Brundavan at Sarjapur Road, Bangalore

#foyerinteriors in balcony: We have come up with light shades of interiors throughout the foyer to create the sense of pleasing look which will complement the lighting very well. This space has #shoecabinets with #drawers and #storage. #Ledges above the #shoecase to accommodate any planted pots and #stoneclad wall to ensure that the look is complete.

#Living room interiros The lving room has been made to look well composed and pleasant due to the theme followed throughout. #Laminate shade has been maintained throughout the #livingarea. On top of that, it has been well lit with cove lightings on the panels on both sides to illuminate the space very well.

#PoojaUnit: Stone cladding has been used in different places so as to create the uniformity or carry out the theme so well. The whole pooja unit is made of #wood with #CNC cutting design. Also platforms to hold the idols.

#DiningArea: This space has been utislised so well that the crcokery and the dining table sits well without creating any conjestion. The #crockeryunit has clear view #display so that it can be used for both the storage and #display purpose.

#KitchenInteriors: The kitchen follows black and white theme. Right from the #tandemdrawers to #Topshelves to #ledge to the #Backsplash

#Masterbedroom Interiors: A strict style of minimalism has been executed for this bedroom. It has followed white with dark brown theme throughout. Small and cute #Tvunit with a #back panel and seating area along with storage that has cute knobs to create a wonderful appeal. Apart from that the centre of attraction will be the #two-door #slider #wardrobe that has been installed in a very compact way and the #headboard with #covelighting

#BedroomInteriors A compact bedroom with well balanced theme maintained throughout is the elgance of this bedroom. It has #sliderwardrobe sandwiched with mirror and #dresser , #ledge like foldable study unit. The false ceiling here follows different shapes so as to emphasize the look and feel of the room.

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