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Best Unreleased Songs Of Lana Del Rey (EP) Part 1

Best Unreleased Songs Of Lana Del Rey 2018 Edits Songs: 1. Fine China 0:00 - 6:00 2. I Want You Boy 6:00 - 9:42 3. Roses 9:43 - 13:45 4. Lemonade Motorcycle 13:46 - 16:55 5. Life is Beautiful (Instrument Snippet) 16:56 - 18:12

Lana Del Rey Cries, Talks About Stalker (2/5/18)

Lana Del Rey interrupted her own performance of "White Mustang" and revealed to her Atlanta audience that she was still overwhelmed with emotions after the arrest of her stalker in Florida.

Every Lana Del Rey song that says "daddy"

I've put together every known Lana Del Rey song that mentions the word "daddy" (which as Lana fans like myself know, happens very often!)


my dream setlist ("into the blue" tour) 🐦

Inspired by one of tropicobaby's instagram posts. I'd also add either Dark Paradise, Ride (the shorter version), 24, Groupie Love/Tomorrow Never Came (solo), or God Knows I Tried. Didn't add them to this video because I wasn't sure if it were too many songs to put onto one setlist. I was going for a more jazzy type of theme. What's your dream setlist? Dream Setlist: 1. Bel Air 2. Paradise 3. Honeymoon 4. You Can Be The Boss 5. Black Beauty/Million Dollar Man/Shades Of Cool Medley 6. Cherry 7. Music To Watch Boys To 8. This is What Makes Us Girls + Instrumental Interlude 9. Terrence Loves You 10. Serial Killer 11. Art Deco 12. Hollywood 13. West Coast (acoustic) 14. Heroin 15. Roses Bloom For You 16. Get Free

Hello, everyone! I used this criteria when deciding which songs to add to this compilation: 1) had to be performed after her Lizzy Grant era at least once 2) no singles that were for movies/other projects 3) no (non-album) covers 4) the albums' extra songs (deluxe/itunes/other countries) were included 5) songs only sung through IG were also included (since they were intended for an album) 6) Lust for Life songs were not included because the LA to the Moon tour is meant to promote the album, and it's not done yet! This entire thing took me a while, but it was fun to make and I discovered songs I really miss listening to. Now I really want to see a live version of Bel Air and The Blackest Day. ;-; enjoy!

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