BEHRINGER MODEL D REVIEW and 15-minute manual

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Behringer vs Moog: The definitive comparison

A look at how the Behringer Model D compares with the Minimoog. Many thanks to Kevin Wilson for the loan of his Behringer - fantastic generosity to help us all discover the true similarities :) Examining how it compares from a sound design and in use perspective - when you turn those knobs does it act like the Moog?? Short answer is yes!! No idea why this is 460p but there's a high res version here: Oscillators 1:35 Filters 6:20 FM 11:10 Overdrive 17:40 Some Sounds 21:00

Behringer Neutron Analog Synth Demo & Preview

Written preview, pics & thoughts: The upcoming Behringer Neutron semi-modular analog $299 synthesiser arrived at Ask.Audio a few days ago. Here's 28 minutes exploring what this little beast can do from the oscillators to filter, envelopes to the delay and more. 00:00 Intro 01:08 Build Quality 01:45 Oscillators (morphing & stepping trick) 04:32 The Filter 06:41 Noise & persuasive sounds 08:15 Bass & General 08:45 LFO 11:40 Envelopes 12:31 Overdrive 14:47. Vowel style sounds 15:42 Key Sync and Drones 17:15 Delay 22:18 Getting Carried away 25:38 Roundup 26:46 Rear of the synth

Behringer Model D - INSANE SEQUENCE!

The title says everything: a #BehringerModelD #patch at its best (for me, of course). #ultimatepatches Lookinf for more patches?! Go to Reverb - Little Plate Delay - EchoBoy ae

Behringer Model D unboxing & demo

Behringer Model D unboxing & demo 3:20 3-oscillator sawtooth 4:32 Il Guardiano Del Faro style 5:22 1970s Funk synth bass style 6:42 Rising + white noise 7:41 Funky + filter emphasis 8:28 Classic synth bass 9:52 Fifth sound 11:32 Four tracks of Behringer Model D + drum samples from Cubase

Four Behringer Model D's as a Polyphonic 4 Voice Synthesizer

This is a demonstration of using four Behringer Model D's in a polyphonic 4 voice configuration. The MIDI controller that I use is the MFB Dominion 1 and the MIDI to CV translator (with polygroup on) is the Encore Expressionist. This is an unedited demonstration. My memory card filled up at the end of this video so it abruptly stops at the end but I think that I covered everything that I wanted to talk about. Be sure to leave a comment, share this video, and check out my other videos. Thanks for watching. Jon Sonnenberg -w WW -dot- artoftravelogue do+ co M

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The Behringer Model D is an homage (or clone, depending on your point of view...) to the classic and legendary Minimoog Model D.

Behringer's main achievement, aside from creating a faithful and great sounding synth, is pricing it at $300. In this video I review some of the "cons" of this synth, and the many "pros" that make it a very enjoyable synthesizer, including three oscillators, a classic ladder filter, 5 modulation sources, two envelopes, two LFOs and a small but capable set of patch points.

Gear used alongside the D:
The Arturia Keystep
Cremacaffe Kosmo stand

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