Very easy Festivel rangoli design

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Rangoli Tools with things easily available at home/ How to make Rangoli tools

Make your own rangoli tools like- rangoli pen, rangoli sprinkler/ strainer and rangoli dots making tools with help of things easily available at home. With help of these rangoli tools, making rangoli designs will be so easy. Thanks for watching!! Music:

Small Innovative New Rangoli Design by Shital Mahajan | Beautiful Kolam

Rangoli Art is the traditional art of India. It is believed that having Rangoli Design in front of your house brings good luck apart from home decoration purpose. Also in various festivals like Diwali, Dashahara, Snakranti, Gudhi Padva, Ugadi, Ganesh puja, Durga Puja, etc Rangoli is made in front of house and God idols. Also various communities held Rangoli Competitions during the Festival. Rangoli has various names and form of arts in different states, like Kolam in Tamil Nadu, Muggu in Andhra Pradesh, Mandana in Rajasthan, Chowkpurana in Chhattisgarh, Alpana in West Bengal, Aripana in Bihar, Chowk pujan in Uttar Pradesh. Rangoli can be made by various methods like Rangoli design using Stencils, Rangoli design with dots, Rangoli with colours, Rangoli design with Flowers. Border Rangoli design or Simple Flower/leaf patterns can be considered as Rangoli designs for beginners. These are very Simple Rangoli designs, even kids can draw these Rangoli. You can subscribe to my channel to get you latest online Rangoli designs, Rangoli images and Rangoli videos. I try to make a beautiful, simple and quick Rangoli design. Please leave a comment if you like the video or need any help or you have suggestions. Please Share this Video to your Friends & Family Members Thank you and May God bless you with all the happiness and success in your life

AWESOME and BEAUTIFUL unique women's day rangoli designs/8 march rangoli design by jyoti Rathod

AWESOME and BEAUTIFUL unique women's day rangoli designs/8 march rangoli design by jyoti Rathod ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ 💠Click the following playlist like this type rangoli designs 💠Women's day rangoli design: 💠Peacock rangoli designs: 💠5 minutes rangoli design: 💠2 minutes rangoli series: 💠Awesome rangoli: 💠Beautiful rangoli: 💠Unique rangoli designs: 💠Creative rangoli designs: 💠Innovative rangoli designs: 💠Easy and simple rangoli designs: 💠Flower rangoli: 💠Rangoli designs by Jyoti Rathod: Rangoli has a unique place in Indian culture, Rangoli is an Indian art. The rangoli is drawn in front of the Rangoli house and on the day of festival, especially on the festival day, the Rangoli is known by many names, in Tamilnadu such as Kolam,Maharashtra -sankar bharati,Rajasthan - Mandana, Chhattisgad - Chowkurana, Andhra Pradesh - Muggu / Muggulu etc. will teach you various types of rangoli designs , like sankar bharti rangoli,innovative rangoli,unique rangoli,FESTIVAL'S rangoli,gudi padwa rangoli,ugadi rangoli,Diwali rangoli,rangoli for Ganesh chathurthi,creative rangoli,awesome rangoli in easy and simple steps rangoli designs 💠💠💠💠💠💠💠💠💠💠💠💠💠💠💠 🌷🙏🌷🌹Thanks for watching🌹 🌷🙏🌷

Beautiful free hand rangoli design |

Beautiful free hand rangoli design |

Very very innovative beautiful rangoli design

#110 Very very innovative beautiful rangoli design

Very easy Festivel rangoli design

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