creative lotus shank rangoli design with 9x5 dots * peacock lotus kolam design *easy friday muggu

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Beautiful friday muggulu design with 9*5 dots * easy shank kolam * simple rangoli designs

simple ane easy friday rangoli design with 9*5 dots * shank kolam design * new muggulu designs............ 1. sry for uploding again today suddnly by mistake this video has deleted .. so again i uploded #rangolidesigns #kolams #muggulu

simple rangoli design without dots II freehand kolam designs for beginnegs II friday muggulu

simple friday rangoli designs without dots II freehand kolam designs for beginners II muggulu rangoli #rangolidesigns #kolams #muggulu

easy color Shangu kolam with Lotus * simple rangoli * latest small muggulu designs by Suneetha

It is our tradition to draw kolam every day morning at the door steps. There are many benifits of drawing kolam in front of the house. It is auspecious and believes Godess Lakshmi enters the house if kolam is drawn. Kolam brings lot of positive vibrations and energy to you and your home. Draw kolam soon after you wake up and then do your prayers. Kolam or rangoli is a part of Indian culture and transferred from generation to next generation. This ancient art form is also called as muggulu in parts of South India like Andhra pradesh and Telangana. People draw different creative rangoli kolam designs using kolam powder or muggu pindi which is actually crushed Lime stone powder available at different parts of India. There are different types of rangoli or kolam designs like dots kolam, sikku kolam, padi kolam, Margazhi kolam. People draw special rangoli designs for Festivals like Sankranthi (Pongal), Diwali (Deepavali), Vijaya dasami (Dasara). Women create deepam rangoli or kolam designs during diwali festival time, create very big and Dhanurmasam muggulu (Margazhi) for Sankranthi or Pongal festival. It is a belief among the people that drawing muggulu infront of the house in the early morning soon after wake brings good fortune to them and their family. People mix rice flour to lime stone powder and prepare their own kolam powder. Muggulu can also be drawn with rice flour only. These Beautiful and creative designs are decorated with flowers based on the occasion or festival.

easy rangoli design with 6x6 dots for beginners l friday kolam designs l latest muggulu patterns

Rangoli is an artistic creation with rice flour that is made outside the front entrance of the house It is usually done by the women flok of the house early in the morning every day During diwali, hindus draw bright rangoli patterns on the floor by the front door to encorage the goddess lakshmi to enter their homes . Rangoli is an art from,originating in the indian subcontinent, in which patterns are created on floor in living rooms or courtyards using materials such as colored rice,dry flour, flowers ,diyas ... the purpose of rangoli is decoration,and it is thought to bring good luck #rangolidesigns #kolams #muggulu #rangolidesigns #kolams #muggulu

sravana sukravaram muggulu designs easy simple rangoli design rangoli latest designs telugu rangoli

sravana sukravaram muggulu designs easy simple rangoli design rangoli latest designs telugu rangoli Download the Rangoli design videos app Download the Mehndi design videos app fallow on Website : Please subscribe my YouTube channel fallow on Google+ : fallow on Facebook : fallow on Twitter : Youtube : #kolam #rangoli #rangolidesigns #kolamdesigns #muggulu #mugguludesigns #rangoliwithdots #rangolidesignswithdots #easyrangoli #easyrangolidesigns #rangoliart #rangoliartdesigns The subsequent no cost hand rangoli for Sankranti is really a birds rangoli design and style considerably resembling a peacock. The photographs present the measures for this relatively very simple design. The muggupindi is a slightly major powder which falls over the moist earth and stays in its type while getting used. The powder flows “clean” and “even” as 1 draws strains and curves on the muggu designs (which is great). When we spoke about dot rangoli style and design, you all won't have comprehended it then. But this is a normal dot rangoli style. Following drawing the floral petals attract the lamp like shapes - a few figures as Should they be Conference at a point. Increase several colors to acquire a beautiful muggu with dots for Sankranti - it is fairly easy far too. As goes the name, the dots are lacking. These designs are comparable to free hand drawings of lines and curves. Padi kolam or geethala muggu as we get in touch with rangoli designs with traces are classic and outdated artwork of drawing rangoli or kolam . This Specific and exquisite muggu has become extra for 2017 Pageant of Sankranti . A group of my Kolam designs with dots for Diwali rangoli with dots For kolam upto 21 dots grid ( medium to large - Highly developed ... What begins as a geometrical sample is developed right into a chicken like rangoli structure. Insert patterns In the rangoli with designs of our selection, sprinkle a few colors and this somewhat simple rangoli structure for Sankranti is ready . There is something concerning this one that get’s your consideration. Reminds us extra of a mehendi style and design. Do you think so far too? White muggu powder is made use of to make stars, in the matrix of dots which have been afterward stuffed with coloured rangoli powder. Creating simple Diwali rangoli designs comprehensive / great designs In continuation to a submit on effortless rangoli for newbies that... Some rangoli may well show up straightforward but are tough , some kolam may surface tricky but are actually easy. While it reported that there... These designs are supposed to be beneficial for Mastering , teaching , practising at a personal stage only. Take a look at this paisley rangoli kolam pattern designed with a lot of dedication and exertions. Attempt a little something related at your home.

creative lotus shank rangoli design with 9x5 dots * peacock lotus kolam design *easy friday muggu #rangolidesigns #kolams #muggulu

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